How to Submit A Canada Life Claim

Posted on June 29, 2021

Canada Life offers many different products. Some of these products include health insurance, life insurance, and credit insurance.

You have decided on your product, and now you are wondering how to submit a Canada Life claim. Whether you are being proactive and want to familiarize yourself with the process or you already have a claim to submit, this article explains it all.

It is essential to understand what type of claim you are submitting. Each claim is different and requires different information. 

Canada Life offers several different ways to submit a claim. You can submit each claim by mail, online via GroupNet, or through your local healthcare providers, such as your pharmacy, dentist, or therapist. 

You can also download the GroupNet app in an even more convenient way. You can download the app on the Apple store and Google Play Store.

Each claim and plan requires a different form and method, and although this may seem overwhelming, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Submitting An Individual Claim

You have shopped around and received quotes from several companies, and you have landed on Canada Life. Congratulations, the hardest part is over! Finally, you are ready to take full advantage of your new plan for yourself and your family. Now you need to learn how to submit a Canada Life claim. 

Once you and your family have received the health care they needed, whether it was a regular dental check-up or the whole family was due for new glasses, you need to fill out a Canada Life claim form. 

You must submit your Canada Life individual claim as soon as possible. If you have purchased the Plan Direct or the Welcome Plan, you have 15 months to submit your claim.

As mentioned before, there are several options to submit a claim. You can print the form and send it to Canada Life or ask your healthcare provider to submit the claim for you. The easiest and most convenient way is the GroupNet app; once registered, you follow the steps and prompts.

Upon receipt of the form, it can take up to a week to submit all the information correctly. If Canada Life needs more information, they will contact you, and it may take up to a month for processing.

Submitting A Group Claim

You might be wondering which claim you need to submit when you are insured through your employer. Group insurance is when the same plan insures a large group. This can either be a society that you are part of or through your employer.

If you receive benefits through your employer or society, this is the place to help you submit a form. 

Much like with the individual claims, you can submit a Canada life group claim through paper, GroupNet, or through your health care professionals.

If you wish to make changes to your plan, you are required to contact your employer. These changes can include adding or removing dependents, opting out of optional benefits, or converting your group plan to an individual plan.

There are several differences for different claims. For a health and dental claim, you must submit your claim within 15 months of the service received.

While the timeline for the Out of Country plan is dependent on your provincial guidelines; however, it cannot exceed the original 15 months. Out of Country claims can take up to 10 calendar days after receipt of submission to process.

The Group Critical Illness Benefit Plan is a little different than the regular claims. Once a critical illness diagnosis is made, you must submit a claim within three months of the diagnosis.

Once you submit your claim, Canada Life will contact your employer to collect the information about the coverage, and Canada Life will notify you that the claim has been received. 

The claim will be processed within seven calendar days when all the information is received. 

Submitting As An Administrator

If you are an administrator and need to submit a claim for an employee or associate, this is the place to be. 

As an administrator, you will be submitting claims such as disability income benefits, critical illness benefits, life insurance claims, and dismemberment claims. These can be tough, and all the information provided must be correct. 

You can submit your claims online or via mail when you are assisting your employees. Canada Life will contact you if more information is required when an employee submits a claim. 

As an administrator, you are also responsible for making any changes to group benefits. These include applications, updates, beneficiary changes, insurance adjustments, and more. 

Be Prepared to Submit Your Claims

We have covered how to submit a Canada Life claim, whether you are an individual, part of group insurance, or an administrator assisting your employee through a trying time. 

While each submission is different, it is essential to know the differences between each claim and what form is required to submit a claim. Make sure you have all the information needed to help speed along the claim process.

At Insurdinary, we are ready to help you with each insurance need and provide you with different quotes to give you the best value. You may be looking for an individual plan for just you and your family or as an employer providing benefits. 

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