Submitting Blue Cross Insurance Claims

Posted on June 30, 2021

Have you ever experienced trouble trying to submit a Blue Cross claim? Submitting a claim can be complicated if you don't have experience with claims or haven't been taught how to do them.

But the process of submitting a claim does not need to be so difficult. The important part when submitting a claim is to gather the necessary information and start the submission process as soon as possible.

In this article, we'll explain how to submit health insurance claims in a hassle-free way.

Knowing Your Claim

Let's begin by coming to an understanding of what an insurance claim is.

An insurance claim is a type of formal request to an insurance company for payment. The payment is based on the insurance holder's policy terms. 

Think of the last time you went to get a routine checkup at your doctor's office. You don't have to interact too much with the clerks besides handing over your health card. Behind the scenes, most of the work is done for you since the billing department at that doctor's office actually sends out a claim form to your insurance company. 

Other times, you might have to file for a claim yourself. Filing a claim yourself can be a tricky thing to do if you're inexperienced. But most companies generally try to make it easy for you by supplying easy access to claim forms.

Though insurance companies usually work through claims in similar ways, most of them have their own unique process. The different processes ensure that there is enough diversity in the market so that every individual can select a company based on what they need. These unique claim processes are also what make certain insurance companies shine compared to others.

Insurance claims also depend on deductibles. This includes the question of whether or not that deductible even applies to your claim. Most of this information can be found on your insurance policy's declaration page.

Before even selecting an insurance plan, take a look at how they handle claims. Feel free to also check out our website that lists details on how to choose the right insurance plan for you. 

As mentioned earlier, the submission process for claims follows a general pattern for most companies. For the remainder of this article, we'll specify how to submit a blue cross insurance claim.

Pacific Blue Cross Claim Submission

A claim submission through Pacific Blue Cross can be done rather easily online. First, you need to sign on to your member account on You'll need to have access to your policy, ID number, and password.

Here is where you'll be prompted to sign up for a direct deposit.

Next, select the Forms and Claims button located near the bottom right of the screen. Select the type of claim you're looking to submit and then click Next

You'll be prompted with a few questions about your claim. Answer them to the best of your ability. Once you're done with the questions, you'll be asked to input some additional details about your claim and your provider.

Before submitting, you are asked to review your claim. This is the most important step in the process, as leaving out any vital information such as payments made or diagnoses can lead to rejections. You're now able to submit, and a confirmation page will be displayed on your browser.

Medavie Blue Cross Claim Submission

medavie blue cross mobile app claim screenshot

For subscribers to the Medavie Blue Cross plan, submissions can be done either on their desktop website, through the mail, or their app. 

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have all the correct documents. This includes an itemized bill or receipts of the payments you made, a medical assessment, and your policy ID number.

One thing to note is that the health services you received must have been provided by a health professional in-network with Medavie Blue Cross. You can use this tool if you're unsure whether the health professional was in-network. 

Now you're ready to begin. For people using the app, simply sign onto it using your member services email and password. Press the 'Submit a Claim' button on the dashboard and select your claim type (press other if yours is not listed).

Next, you need to answer the questions prompted to you by their app. You might be asked to indicate your health professional. 

Take pictures of all the documents you are asked for and submit them to the app when prompted. Be sure to also include your bank information if you wish to choose direct deposit. Submit your claim, and everything is completed.

For those not using the app, you can submit a claim on the Member Services Site using the same process as the app. You'll need to log in, then choose the eClaims button on the bar at the top. The remaining process is the same: answer the questions, submit photos, input bank information, and submit!

If you choose to send in a claim through the mail, make sure to include all the documents necessary. Include a paper form of the claim that is completely filled out by you. The claim form can be found on the Medavie Blue Cross website.

Saskatchewan Blue Cross Claim Submission

saskatchewan blue cross how to claim screenshot

Saskatchewan gives you the same variability in submitting your forms as Medavie does. You can submit your claim online on their member portal, through their app, or through the mail. 

To submit a form online, log into your member portal using your email and password and select the option for submitting a claim. Answer the questions prompted and attach any necessary documents such as itemized bills, receipts, physician diagnoses, and claim forms.

The same process goes from their mobile app, which you can access right from your cell phone. However, this feature is only accessible to group/employer plans.

To submit a claim through the mail, make sure you have all your necessary documents before starting your submission. Download the claim form and fill it out entirely before submitting it.

Alberta Blue Cross Claim Submission

alberta blue cross how to claim screenshot

Alberta Blue Cross offers its customers three ways for submitting their claims. You can submit your claim on their website, which accepts most types of claims. Claims are also able to be submitted through their mobile phone app. 

Physical claims can also be mailed into their claims office. Be sure to include a completed claim form, receipts and itemized statements, and other supporting documents.

Alberta Blue cross heavily encourages their customers to use their app to submit their claims, as it's the easiest way to do so. If you have trouble submitting your claim, Alberta Blue Cross has a video on their claims website that'll walk you through the entire process. 

Be sure to submit your claim within 12 months of the services provided to avoid rejection or denials.

Ontario Blue Cross Claim Submission

Because of the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Blue Cross's submission process has changed. Subscribers to this insurance are now required to contact their customer service before submitting a claim. Failure to do so might result in denial of the claim.

Once you are approved to submit your claim, simply print out the form, fill it out, and mail it to their claims office. 

Document Everything

Just as with any type of legal or official document, we highly advise you to make copies of everything you send to your insurance company. Keep the copies in an easily accessible location. Companies don't like to have a bad reputation of denials or missing information, but it happens.

Keeping a copy of everything in an easy-to-access place is crucial to keeping a healthy insurer-insurance relationship. 

If You Need Additional Help

The process of submitting a claim can be daunting and even exhausting. We here at Insurdinary empathize with you. We're prepared to help you in any way we can with your questions about insurance and claims.

Our team of experts has an extensive variety of knowledge about the world of insurance. We'll work with you to find out which insurance company would be good for you based on your needs and wants. We know that not all insurances can provide the same quality care for one individual as they did for another.

You might also be interested in some of our other resources. We offer credit card, loan, and banking comparisons for Canadians; advice for some of the best mortgage rates in your area, and assistance with insurance all across the board. We don't just do life insurance either, we also offer to counsel on auto, home, dental, and even pet insurance.

So if you need assistance with knowing more about how to submit a Blue Cross claim, or even just advice on which insurance would be great for you, we're the ones to contact.

We invite you to visit the Insurdinary website to learn more or get your insurance quotes today. 

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