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About Humania Assurance

Humania Assurance began as a mutual insurance company in 1874, with a goal of providing insurance for the working class, and not for professionals. Today Humania remains steadfast in its philosophy of meeting the needs of working-class individuals and their families via a co-operative. 

Humania offers life insurance, health care insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance and dental insurance - health care insurance and life insurance are available for members and their dependents, depending on your policy, while all other types of insurance are provided for individuals. Humania Assurance is trusted by hundreds of policyholders nationwide.

Humania Key Information

Company NameHumania Assurance
Head Office Address 1555, Girouard Street West, Saint-Hyacinthe
(Quebec) J2S 2Z6
Fax: 1-888-704-7400
In Business Since 1874
A.M. Best Rating -
Financial AssetsC$167.7 Million
Terms and Conditions

How Do I Purchase a Plan with Humania Assurance?

If you wish to purchase a plan with Humania Assurance, you’re able to do so on their website if you visit the products page and select the type of insurance you wish to purchase. 

How Can I Reach Humania Assurance by Telephone?

In order to reach Humania Assurance by phone, give them a call at 1-800-773-8404. 

How Do I File a Claim with Humania Assurance?

Claims can be made with Humania on their website underneath the claims section here.

Humania Assurance Pros and Cons

As with any product or service, and depending on your individual needs, there’s always advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look:

Why Humania Assurance Could Be Right for You

  • Easy claims filing procedure
  • Competitive pricing
  • Online convenience

Why Humania Assurance May Not Be Right for You

  • If you’re in good health, you won’t get special pricing as a result
  • Policies cannot be viewed online
  • Possibly limited coverage option

What Does Humania Assurance Cover?

Humania Assurance presents a comprehensive array of insurance products tailored to diverse needs. From safeguarding your family's future with life insurance, shielding against critical illnesses, to ensuring financial stability in the face of disabilities – Humania Assurance offers a suite of options. With a user-friendly online platform and flexible payment plans, Humania makes acquiring coverage for life's uncertainties convenient. However, potential customers should consider factors like the company's brand recognition and the extent of coverage when evaluating their choices.

Humania Life Insurance Products

Humania Assurance extends a variety of life insurance solutions designed to meet individual preferences. Featuring innovative options like "Hugo," their simplified issue life insurance, and policies without medical exams, Humania aims to make life insurance accessible and hassle-free, catering to diverse needs while ensuring financial security.

Hugo Life Insurance 

Hugo Life Insurance is a simple life insurance product designed to get you approved quickly. The application process is done online and you get approved immediately. There are a few flexible term options for you to choose from at 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. You can renew, convert or exchange your policy and your coverage is up to $1 million.

Insurance Without Medical Exam - Life Insurance

This is insurance designed to get you covered, regardless of your medical history. There are no medical exams, and you’re able to choose a flexible term at 10, 20 or 100 years. The policy is straightforward and simple to understand and immediate coverage is guaranteed. Premiums are contingent on your age, and disability and critical illness insurance are available as well.

Humania Health Insurance Plans

Humania Assurance offers a range of health plans, including "Pro Health" for comprehensive coverage, "Pro Health Cancer" focusing on cancer-related expenses, and "Pro Health Medical Expense" for specific medical costs. These plans cater to varying health needs, providing a safety net against unexpected medical expenses and ensuring peace of mind.

Prohealth-Hospitalization Insurance

The Prohealth-Hospitalization Insurance from Humania Assurance covers you for hospital related expenses that are not typically covered by your group or private insurance health plan. You can receive up to $150 per day for your hospital stay. The benefit continues while you recover out of hospital, and if you need rehabilitation after hospital. For intensive care in the hospital, your daily benefit will double. 

Prohealth-Cancer Insurance

The Prohealth-Cancer Insurance from Humania Assurance covers you for minor and major cancers. The benefit ranges from $5,000 to $75,000 for major cancers. For minor cancers, you will receive 15% of the insurance amount. Your premium is guaranteed to remain the same for 10 years. You’re also able to top-up your policy for comprehensive coverage that covers 5 more illnesses: stroke, heart attack, coronary bypass, coma, and paralysis.

Prohealth-Medical Expense Insurance

Prohealth-Medical Expense Insurance from Humania Assurance is a product that is designed to help you cover medical expenses should you find yourself ill or injured. You will receive $40 per treatment with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and any other medical professionals. Receive a maximum of $1,000 for diagnostic services and lab fees, and for casts and slings and hernia belts. You’ll get up to $500 for hearing aids, and per tooth for any dental care that follows an accident. There is also unlimited ambulatory services with this plan. 

Humania Disability Insurance

Humania Assurance provides essential protection through its disability insurance plans. Safeguarding individuals from the financial uncertainties of disability, their plans offer income replacement and financial support during challenging times. With Humania's disability insurance, individuals can secure their financial well-being, ensuring a stable foundation even in the face of unexpected disabilities.

Prohealth-Payment Insurance - Accident and Sickness 

This plan from Humania Assurance protects you from life’s unexpected mishaps. Get coverage for when you are sick or injured. You can purchase this insurance between the ages of 18 to 64 years old, and you’ll be covered until you are 100. Premiums remain the same for the first 5 years of being a policyholder. You will receive up to 50% of the insurance amount in coverage, with a maximum of $2,000. The maximum duration that you can receive coverage for being sick or injured is 24 months.

Insurance Without Medical Exam - Debt Insurance

Regardless of your medical history, the Insurance Without Medical Exam - Debt Insurance is designed to get you approved for disability insurance. The goal of the Insurance Without Medical Exam - Debt Insurance is to alleviate your debts in the event of your death. Further, should you become critically ill or are in an accident, your monthly debt payments will be covered by your policy. You can choose a term of 10 or 20 years, and you’re able to renew this policy until you turn 65. 

Insurance Without Medical Exam - Income Insurance

If it’s been difficult for you to obtain insurance in the past, perhaps due to the nature of your work or lifestyle, Humania Assurance has you covered with the Insurance Without Medical Exam - Income Insurance. If you are unable to work because of illness or injury, the policy will cover up to 85% of your income. There is no medical exam required in order for you to qualify, and the application process is done completely online, with fast approval. 

Prohealth Income Insurance - Accident and Sickness

Regardless of your employment status, or whether you are a student, the Prohealth Income Insurance - Accident and Sickness from Humania Assurance is a health insurance that is designed to protect you in the event you become sick or injured. Premiums are guaranteed to remain the same for the first 5 years that you hold your policy. There are three policy plans for you to choose from, with the uppermost tier providing the most extensive coverage. You will receive a monthly benefit up to $2,500 per month in the event that you become ill or injured, and this coverage is capped at a total of 36 months. 

Prohealth Income Insurance - Accident  

Regardless of your employment status, or whether you are a student, the Prohealth Income Insurance - Accident from Humania Assurance is a health insurance that is designed to protect you in the event you become disabled due to an accident or soft tissue injury. An accident is identified as a sudden or violent fall, impact, collision or blow. An accident is not damage done to your body as a result of daily routine activity. 

Humania Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Humania offers essential critical illness insurance plans tailored to safeguard your financial future. With varying coverage options, these plans provide vital support in times of medical uncertainty, helping you focus on recovery without worrying about expenses.

Children 360 Critical Illness Insurance

Children 360 Critical Illness Insurance from Humania Assurance is a product designed to protect your children should they become critically ill. The benefit will allow you to stay at your child’s bedside while they recover. The Children 360 Critical Illness Insurance covers 37 critical illnesses, 75% of them being specific to childhood. Should you take a leave from your employment to be by your child’s bedside, you will receive a monthly benefit of $1,500 for a maximum of 12 months. 

Insurance Without Medical Exam - Critical Illness Insurance

The Insurance Without Medical Exam - Critical Illness Insurance from Humania Assurance is designed for those who have difficulty obtaining critical illness insurance otherwise. The plan covers heart attack, cancer, stroke and coronary surgery. There is no medical exam required, instead there are just six questions in order for you to qualify. You get to choose a term of either 10 years, or 20 years and the minimum coverage you’ll receive is $5,000 with the maximum being $100,000. 

Prohealth - Cancer Insurance

As 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime, the Prohealth - Cancer Insurance from Humania Assurance provides financial assistance to those with cancer. The coverage ranges from $5,000 to $75,000 - with the maximum benefit for major cancers. Premiums will remain the same for the first 10 years of holding the policy. The benefit for a minor cancer is 15% of the insurance amount. In the event of death, the benefit is 15% of the insurance amount. The plan is customizable with add-ons for five critical illnesses including heart attack, stroke, coronary bypass, coma, and paralysis. 


If you are in good health, the Prodige plan from Humania Assurance will provide you with a benefit should you become diagnosed with a critical illness. The coverage you will receive ranges from $25,000 to $1,000,000. You can choose how you pay for your premiums with options to pay for life, for 20 years, or until you turn 65 years old. You can add riders that include life insurance, a premium waiver if the policy was never claimed during the duration that you hold it, and a Refund of Premium on Death.

Term Critical Illness 

The Term Critical Illness Insurance is a customizable critical insurance product offered by Humania Assurance. You can select to pay your premium at a term of 10,15, 20, 25, 30 or 75 years. You also get to select if you want coverage for four major critical illnesses, or 25. The benefit you will receive if you fall ill with a critical illness ranges from $25,000 to $1,000,000. In addition, your policy comes equipped with Teladoc, a service that connects you with medical professionals in order to better assist you in your journey of better health. 


Fracture from Humania Assurance is an insurance product that provides you and your entire family with coverage of up to $10,000 should you fracture a body part. You can take advantage of the benefit, wherever you are in the world when your fracture occurs. Fracture is for individuals from as young as 14 days old up to 75 years old. There’s also additional optional coverage for accidental death and dismemberment. 

Street Wise 

Street Wise is an accident insurance from Humania Assurance that is available for anyone between the ages of 15 days old to 70 years old. Approval is quick and easy, and there is no medical exam required in order for you to qualify. You get coverage for natural or accidental death, dismemberment and loss of use, and fractures and hospitalization. 

Humania Assurance Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance from Humania Assurance is an extensive travel insurance product that includes emergency travel medical insurance. The plan includes coverage for trip cancellation, interruption and lost baggage. This emergency medical component of the insurance policy includes a maximum benefit of $5,000,000. Medical expenses, ambulatory services, doctor visits and therapy are some of the features included in this plan.

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