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Coachman Insurance Company was established in 1979, and was purchased by SGI CANADA in 2001. Coachman primarily competes in the non-standard auto insurance marketplace, with the goal of helping Ontario drivers with unfortunate driving histories stay protected while they get their personal auto insurance record back on track. Coachman also offers a suite of personal property and commercial insurance products through their network of Ontario brokers

The right insurance for your auto and business in Ontario.

SGI CANADA is strengthening its presence in the Western Canadian insurance market as the company begins to sell commercial insurance products to customers in British Columbia.

SGI offers its competitive property and casualty insurance products through SGI CANADA and its subsidiaries: SGI CANADA in Saskatchewan, SGI CANADA Insurance Services Ltd. in Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia, and Coachman Insurance Company in Ontario.

Coachman Auto Insurance

At Coachman, focus on your future comes first and foremost. Auto insurance coverage plans are plenty: collision or upset coverage, comprehensive coverage or named perils are all types of auto insurance available. Coachman Auto Insurance also provides coverage to those who may not have a perfect driving record.

Coachman Home Insurance

“Coachman Home Insurance policies come in a multitude of customizable formats for a wide array of customers. Policies available for home insurance through Coachman include a range of premium payment plans, increased limits coverage, as well as Home Systems Protection, which can cover you in the event of a home system malfunction or breakdown (water heaters, furnaces, home security devices, etc.)
Coachman also offers a variety of plans to cover the special needs of those living in condos (such as personal property and improvements you make), as well as those who are tenants, and rent homes or apartments. “

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