Why Group Dental Plans Are the Right Choice for Your Company

Posted on February 26, 2019

Finding dental insurance can feel like your wallet is getting a root canal. Individuals who shop alone often discover that plans include very little actual coverage, but they charge a sizable premium. Depending on how many family members you need coverage for, this premium may increase significantly.

Group dental makes this less painful! Purchase coverage in a group and gain access to more coverage with a much-reduced premium. Let’s see how this works for your teeth and your pocketbook.

Preventative Group Dental Care

One of the best ways to prevent dental problems is to avoid having them. Prevention is the bulk of the work and you get this by regularly visiting your dentist.

Cleanings and exams identify problems sooner rather than later. That means you avoid the cost of major dental surgery and the recovery time they require.

This also saves your wallet because many of the major procedures come with a hefty price tag.

In a group plan, many preventative visits are covered in full. You can schedule cleanings every six months and enjoy consistent exams. Dentists and their staff will remind of you these appointments as well.

You’ll feel confident knowing your mouth is healthy and you’re not going to be suffering unnecessarily. This is the best way to help yourself and your family members maintain dental health.

Easier Payment Options

The premium assigned to your dental coverage feels like another bill. It makes the priority list every month, especially when you’re taking care of your loved ones. It can become a burden to think about though, especially when you already have a list of bills to attend to.

You need to send out a check or pay the bill online every time or your coverage will end. What happens if you forget? Do you think the company offers payment forgiveness?

Your coverage may suspend and you end up with an unexpected dental bill. However, if this amount comes out of your check pre-tax, you save money and time alike.

Money is saved because the amount comes out pre-tax, which lowers the tax amount on your entire check. You save time by not having to set aside time to pay the bill yourself.

Employees and even business owners enjoy this benefit because it simplifies their life. It ensures that the bill doesn’t get forgotten either. The next time they visit the dentist, they will have confidence in their coverage because it’s current.

Local Dentist Availability

Dental plans normally offer a few options in terms of where to get services. You may choose a larger city with more access to a service hub where doctors in every field maintain an office. If you choose providers in a more rural area, you might need to choose a specific dentist to work with.

Keep in mind that travel time makes a difference and must be accounted for during each appointment. Also, consider the reputation of each dentist in your area and whether you feel they’re qualified to work on your teeth.

Just because someone is close doesn’t mean they’re great with patients or good at problem solving. It’s important to think about these things before you make a final plan selection.

The power of a dental group allows individuals to have more access to a larger selection of providers. There are so many users that the group is seen as one consumer in the eyes of dentists and insurance companies.

That translates to more benefits for you, more choices for you and higher quality of reliable work. Sending your child or loved one to the dentist is less stressful when you know you can rely on the results.

Power of Group Pricing

One of the reasons why group plans are so attractive is their pricing. Lower premiums still give individuals access to mouth care that costs others much more.

As noted above, these groups of consumers are treated as one when they review pricing for health coverage. This is why they’re able to obtain prices that are lower than the rest of the market.

In fact, the more members they have, the more power they have to control pricing. They usually try to gather as many employees as possible during the new hire orientation, so they can maintain this power for the benefit of the whole team.

One example of cost savings might be that you’d pay $1,500 for a root canal as a private pay individual. That same root canal could cost you half as much with the right group coverage plan in place.

This is an advantage of being a member of one of these covered groups.

Why You Should Seek Out Group Coverage

Group dental coverage is a blessing when it’s offered by an employer. Without it, many families and individuals would never see a dentist.

They would miss out on regular cleanings, exams, and sealants that are applied to the teeth of children. These treatments offer lifelong benefits and they should be encouraged from young ages to continue these visits.

If you’re in a position where you have access to a group plan, find out how you can participate. It also ensures that you’re able to keep your coverage from year to year without having to reapply.

Beyond that, if you have a job that offers benefits, it means you probably have a great place to work. Most companies don’t offer benefits because they’re too expensive.

Find a Coverage Plan

Smaller companies don’t have access to this type of coverage unless they scale down their crew. Fewer employees allow them to afford dental group coverage, where otherwise it would be financially out of reach.

If a company does offer them, they have a larger pool of employees and that gives them the necessary buying power they need. When you’re part of this team, you benefit from this health coverage power too.

When you’re ready to provide coverage for yourself and your loved ones, see what your options are. Talk to your company benefits professional as soon as possible. You can also review the information on this website and educate yourself as much as possible.

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