Dental Insurance

Get Protected: 11 Incredible Full Coverage Dental Plans in Ontario

on 12 Apr, 2019

General oral care is not under the Canada Health Act. Everyone needs oral care, but where can we turn to?...

should i get dental insurance Dental Insurance

Should I Get Dental Insurance? Yes! Here’s Why

on 4 Apr, 2019

Did you know that in Canada, about 2.6 million school days are missed every year because of dental-related illnesses? In...

group dental Dental Insurance

Why Group Dental Plans Are the Right Choice for Your Company

on 26 Feb, 2019

Finding dental insurance can feel like your wallet is getting a root canal. Individuals who shop alone often discover that...

health and dental insurance Dental Insurance

What Health and Dental Insurance Plans Are Available in Canada?

on 22 Dec, 2018

The typical Canadian spends about $6,299 every year on health insurance. With so many different types of coverage, you may end...

best dental insurance Dental Insurance

Top 5 Best Dental Insurance Providers in Canada in 2018

on 28 Feb, 2018

Nobody likes to go to the dentist. Okay, some people probably do, but in general, the thought of going to...

Dental insurance form and pen on a desk. British Columbia

British Columbia Dental Plans : A Guide to Finding the Best Dental Insurance in BC

on 15 Oct, 2018

Every year,  about 12,300 people end up in emergency rooms in British Columbia. Their dental issues may be non-traumatic, but are still...

green shield dental Dental Insurance

The Canadian Guide to Green Shield Dental Insurance

on 22 Oct, 2018

Every year, Canadians spend approximately $12 billion on dental services. 62% of Canadians have private dental insurance to help cover...

dental insurance cost Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Cost: Is it Worth It?

on 7 Oct, 2018

While many forms of healthcare are covered under the Canada Care Act, dental work is not. If you want to...

ontario dental insurance Dental Insurance

Your Essential Guide to Ontario Dental Insurance Options

on 27 Oct, 2018

Hands up if you're afraid of the dentist. If you struggle with Dentophobia, you're not alone. Many people fear dentists...

save on dental Dental Insurance

11 Easy Ways to Save Money on Dental Care

on 1 Oct, 2018

Did you know that almost 100% of adults worldwide have tooth decay? That's right; even if you think you have...