How to Submit A TuGo Insurance Claim?

Posted on June 17, 2021

You've planned for months, maybe even years, for the trip of a lifetime. You've scrimped and saved, planned and dreamed. Then, disaster hits. 

Maybe you fall and break your leg while out of the country. Perhaps you pick up malaria or another horrible foreign virus and end up hospitalized. 

Whatever may happen, the stress of having to pay medical bills when gone from home will inhibit your ability to get well. 

This is when you need travel insurance. TuGo Insurance one of the best insurance companies in Canada for travel insurance. Keep reading to learn how to file a TuGo insurance claim and how to navigate the details of this process. 

Filing a TuGo Insurance Claim

Filing a claim with TuGo takes minutes but saves you thousands of dollars in unexpected travel expenses. You can redeem some of that hard-earned cash that you saved for the trip with the right insurance policy. But you need to file the claim to see it back.

There are a few different ways you can file your claim. You can file it online, over the phone or in-person with a TuGo agent. Here are the details. 

Submitting TuGo Insurance Claim Online

tugo online portal features

To submit a TuGo claim online, you have to follow a few simple steps. You will need a good internet connection and a device connected to it. 

  1. Create your username and password. Once you've created your profile at myTuGo. Make sure you save your username and password in a safe place. 
  2. Begin your claim. You will need your travel insurance policy number on hand the first time you log in. Then click on the "start a claim" button. 
  3. Complete your claim forms. After logging in, you'll have to answer questions so the right forms appear. Then fill out the forms, print them out, and sign them. 
  4. Provide relevant documentation. You will need receipts and itemized bills on hand. Plan on uploading these to the "Claims at" on TuGo's site. 
  5. Finally, send the proper documents. You can send them via email or mail. If you send them via email, you will see a faster response. 

If you opt to email your documents, send them to If you mail them, send them to this address: 

Claims at TuGo

10th Floor

6081 No.3 Road

Richmond, BC V6Y 2B2

If you've really had a hard time with this trip and need to fill out different claims, you will need to download a claim form for each claim type. So if you get sick on the trip or injure yourself and need a medical claim, you will need a single claim form for those problems. If you lose your baggage, you'll need a separate claim form for that. 

Do not neglect any necessary forms. Have the following information on hand if it applies to your case: 

  • Extended health information
  • Provincial health care forms
  • Airline documentation

Proper documentation will ensure that TuGo processes your claim quickly and thoroughly. It will also prove that you truly endured the experience that you endured or that you missed out on a great vacation. 

Submitting TuGo Insurance Claim Over the Phone

You do not have to have the internet to submit a TuGo claim. You can claim the phone just as easily as online. 

Make sure you have your policy number handy so you can provide it to the associate that handles your case. Then call the Claims department at 1-800-663-0399. 

The associate who handles your case will ask for the proper documentation and information, so have all of the necessary paperwork ready. Have receipts and confirmation numbers handy that are relevant to your claim. So, for example, if you lost out on an airline ticket, have your confirmation number and other relevant ticket information at your side. 

Submitting TuGo Insurance Claim In-Person

On March 16, 2020, Claims at TuGo offices closed due to Covid-19.

Before this time, you could walk down to a TuGo office and make a claim in person. You could visit Claims at TuGo any time between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. 

When you went to visit the office, you would need to bring proper documentation just like what you'd need if you were making a claim online or on the phone. You would need itemized receipts as well as confirmation numbers and documents.

Check with your preferred branch if offices have reopened before attempting to make a claim in person. 

TuGo Insurance Coverage


You may initially look at the price of travel insurance and wonder if you really need it. The Canadian government does not require its citizens to have travel insurance, but it strongly encourages them to have it. Here are a few reasons why travel insurance makes sense: 

  1. Your provincial or territorial health plan may not cover any of your medical care outside the country. 
  2. Foreign hospitals often require up-front cash payments. Plus, they're often expensive. 
  3. Hospitals and clinics in some countries will deny you treatment if you don't have the money on you to pay them or don't have travel insurance. 
  4. The Canadian government won't cover your medical bills. 

In short, you can find yourself seriously injured or sick and unable to get help if you do not have travel insurance like what TuGo offers. 

Coverage Abroad

You probably won't get sick or injured when you're gone from home. Few people do. But if you do, you want the security of knowing you have the travel insurance to cover you. 

Then you can focus on staying well or on recouping the trip of a lifetime. You need only to file your TuGo insurance claim to make sure you receive the proper compensation. 

Do you need insurance? Are you shopping around? Get a quote today from us. 

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