Health Insurance in Ontario: What are Your Options?

Posted on December 20, 2018

With the average Canadian spending around $6,000 a year for health insurance, the idea that insurance is free in Canada is a tricky concept. Because the basic state-funded plans are so limited in some cases, it's a must to have something to back it up. If you need health insurance in Ontario, you need to know what your options are.

Here is everything you need to know about Ontario coverage.

Why You Need Health Insurance

Health insurance is vital for living in the modern world. With the rise of viruses, the number of ways to get injured at work or on the way there, and the price of healthcare, insurance keeps costs low. While perfectly healthy people don't see the need for insurance in Ontario, once you get slapped with a bill for a hospital stay, you'll see the value in health care.

Keeping your body and mind in good condition allows you to be productive and get the most out of life. When you're working to pay off astronomical hospital bills or for out of pocket care, you quickly realize why having insurance is a time saver above everything.

When you're in Ontario, you have a wide range of services available to supplement or replace your state care. The Special Benefits Insurance Services offers you more options than you have right out of the box.

It offers a sense of peace of mind that you and everyone in your family will be fine if you get sick or injured. Cover any medical issue that comes your way while living in Ontario by picking the best plan around.

Ontario Only Provides Basic Care

If you live anywhere in Ontario, the government provides you with a solid but fairly basic health insurance plan. It's covered through OHIP but is limited if you need more comprehensive services. For people who need prescription drugs as elders, who want to have dental care, or need specialists, basic care isn't enough.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan is pretty weak for people who need services like regular chiropractic visits and podiatrists. While they help to offset some of the costs of getting care, they don't cover everything.

Buying health insurance in Ontario means that you'll be able to get some of the additional services covered. Instead of staying limited to just what the OHIP offers, you can get coverage to visit therapists of all types, and get the services you need to stay happy and healthy.

Without a Group, Private Makes Sense

A group health insurance plan is the best thing for most insurance consumers. When you buy into a group insurance plan through an employer, a union, or other professional groups, you get high-quality health insurance at a better price. Buying insurance privately, alone, as a single consumer, cuts you out of the bulk deal you'd get otherwise.

Depending on where you work, group insurance may be available and you're just not taking advantage of it. If you get covered through your employer, some of the costs you'd have to pay to get offset.

However, if you're a freelancer, own your own business, or just don't have access to a plan with an employer, that's when you need private health insurance.

When you get private insurance, you get medical fees covered that OHIP won't cover. This means you'll get what you need with very few limits. Private health insurance supplements medical fees that OHIP won't cover but you'll be able to still minimize out of pocket payments.

If you have a large family, step kids, or any kind of unconventional family structure, extending your policy helps. You ensure everyone is cared for without having to pay an arm and a leg in case of an emergency.

What to Have Covered

When you want to know what to have covered, you need to think about what your needs are. People who have perfect vision shouldn't waste their money worrying about eye exams. People who have a set of prescriptions they rely on need to ensure medication is covered rather than other things.

Think about whether or not your current insurance covers an ambulance ride? Something so simple that you might take for granted could cost you thousands if you don't prepare. If you've had problems with your back and massage therapy is equivalent to preventative care for you, look into a policy that provides.

Any types of registered specialists or therapists are going to fall under the umbrella of your supplemental policy. If you've been seeing someone for a while who you really like, why not see what insurance they accept so you can save some money.

There are even plans to help provide travel insurance to ensure you get the care you need anywhere in the world. The idea of needing healthcare while you're on the road or abroad is a scary prospect. Be prepared for the worst by having the right kind of insurance coverage.

Other Types

If you're trying to ensure you have something more than just the basic coverage, you're going to need to have something for your situation.

Disability insurance ensures you have income replacement if you're injured while at work. If there's a sudden illness, you'll also be covered, with a portion of how much you regularly earned replaced through the plan.

Critical illness insurance is fairly inexpensive but if you've got a history of the disease in your family or you don't know, this could be a big help. A critical or chronic illness is kept at bay with the help of this kind of insurance.

Health Insurance in Ontario Is a Must

If you live in Ontario, you need to have the right kind of health coverage. Health insurance in Ontario is a complicated business, so arm yourself with as much information as possible in advance.

If you want to have comprehensive coverage, check out our guide to staying covered through your funeral.

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