Ontario Articles

Understanding Ontario Trillium Benefits and Payment Dates

If you live in Ontario and need regular prescription medications, the costs of these drugs can all start to add […]

What Is the Average Car Insurance Cost in Ontario?

In 2019, Ontario was home to more than 12.81 million registered vehicles. Two-thirds, or over 8.51 million of these, were […]

Health Insurance for Canadian Citizens Returning to Canada

Are you wondering how many fellow Canadian citizens are living abroad? Well, according to Statistic Canada it's estimated that nearly […]

Driving Without Insurance in Ontario: What Are the Consequences?

With rising auto insurance costs, some Ontario drivers are choosing to drive without coverage. No one should operate a vehicle […]

Your Guide to Getting the Best Health Insurance Coverage in Ontario

Ontario's population has grown a whopping 11.2% in a span of 10 years -- from 2007 to 2017. Today, it's […]

Self-Securing the Future: A Guide to Health Insurance for Self-Employed Workers

Some estimates say 45 percent of the Canadian workforce will be self-employed by 2020. At the time this article was […]

Senior Benefits in Ontario: A Complete Guide to Senior Health Benefits

Canada’s most populous province is getting grayer. Statistics Canada reported that almost 20 percent of Ontarians were over the age […]

Finding the Best Health Insurance Broker in Ontario

Health care costs in Canada have skyrocketed over the past 20 years. The average family paid up to 70 percent […]

OHIP Coverage After Age 65: Expanded Coverage for Seniors

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province. The fastest growing segment of the population is those aged 65 and over. In […]

Registration and the Vehicle Permit Number System

Did you know that Canada saw over 100,000 vehicle registrations per month from May to December 2020? It did decrease […]

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