OHIP Articles

Traveling Outside Canada? OHIP No Longer Covers You

Being an Ontarian is a blessing in so many ways, but one main reason has to be OHIP, i.e., the Ontario […]

Senior Benefits in Ontario: A Complete Guide to Senior Health Benefits

Canada’s most populous province is getting grayer. Statistics Canada reported that almost 20 percent of Ontarians were over the age […]

OHIP Coverage After Age 65: Expanded Coverage for Seniors

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province. The fastest growing segment of the population is those aged 65 and over. In […]

What Exactly Are the Services Covered by OHIP?

Ontario spends more than $53 billion on its healthcare system every year. People living in Ontario fund the Ontario Health […]

OHIP Coverage for Seniors: What Does Public Insurance Cover from OHIP?

If you are an Ontarian on the brink of retirement and the loss of your private, employer-based health insurance, you […]

Your Comprehensive Guide to OHIP Coverage for Seniors

Are you a resident of Ontario and about to retire? You might be wondering what kind of health care awaits […]

Health Insurance in Ontario: What are Your Options?

With the average Canadian spending around $6,000 a year for health insurance, the idea that insurance is free in Canada […]

What You Need to Know About the Ontario Health Care System

Since 2006, the number of preventable deaths in Canada and Ontario has been dropping. From 2013-2015, there were only 69 […]

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