Car Insurance 101 Articles

Understanding Third Party Liability Insurance in Canada

Nearly half of all insurance claims filed in Canada each year are third party liability claims. But what is third party liability […]

How to Find Budget Car Insurance

Who doesn't want to save more money each month? One of the easiest ways to cut down on your monthly […]

This Auto Insurance Trick Will Ensure You're Getting the Best Deal!

Car ownership costs Canadians a whopping $9,000 every year. That's per car they own. At the time we updated this […]

Understanding Commercial Auto Insurance

Did you know that injuries caused by transport incidents cost a total of $3,617,497,205 dollars in 2018 in Canada? If […]

Is Car Rental Insurance Really Necessary?

There are currently more than 35 million cars registered across Canada. These play a vital role in everyday Canadian life. […]

Understanding the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS)

Were you aware that all automobile policies in Canada include the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule? If you ever end up […]

Remember the Knight Rider? What Kind of Insurance Would He Need?

What would happen if you took Batman, gave him a whole new identity and a talking car sidekick, and then […]

Why You Should Give Insurance Bundling a Chance

Did you know that Canada is home to over 192 private property/casual (P/C) insurance companies? They provide insurance coverage for […]

Car Insurance Coverage: What Does It Normally Cover?

25% of Canadians have never read their car insurance policies. They're worried about what coverage they'll receive and how much it […]

Electric Car Insurance: How Much Does It Cost?

The electric car may have done away with the internal combustion engine, but it hasn't halted the need for car insurance.  […]

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