Remember the Knight Rider? What Kind of Insurance Would He Need?

Posted on August 12, 2021

What would happen if you took Batman, gave him a whole new identity and a talking car sidekick, and then threw them into the '80s? You'd get Knight Rider.

With the help of his indestructible car KITT, Michael Knight used a heady combo of next-level tech, detective skill, and unmatched problem-solving abilities to complete missions and fight crimes as a private agent. All the crashes, tumbles, and dangerous scenarios you can see in the commercials alone are enough to make a person sit down and ask the question, "What would Knight Rider's insurance look like?".

There's an element of danger. The car and the crime fighter deal with desperate people and ruthless criminals at every turn. And whether Michael Knight is working as a bodyguard for someone who had the bad luck of making enemies in high places or he's investigating a syndicate, there's one word that can't be used to describe his life:


What Is Knight Rider?

If you are a member of 'Gen Z' or late 'Millennials' era definitely this question is the first thing you will ask. 

Well based on Wikipedia, Knight Rider is a popular eighties American entertainment franchise created by Glen A. Larson. The core of Knight Rider is its four television series: Knight Rider (1982–1986), Code of Vengeance (1985–1986), Team Knight Rider (1997–1998), and Knight Rider (2008–2009). The franchise also includes three television films, computer and video games, and novels, as well as KnightCon, a Knight Rider convention. 

Wondering what kind of insurance would a guy like that need? Keep reading and we'll tell you all about the insurance that Knight Rider would have had.

Car Insurance, Obviously

KITT and Michael Knight are like biker gangs and motorcycles. You just can't have one fighting crime without the other.

On a practical level, Michael relies on KITT to get around. When you've got bodyguard missions on Tuesday and a crime to investigate on Thursday, you don't exactly have time to wait around for flights or travel on foot.

And even though we don't get to spend a whole bunch of time travelling with the Knight Rider from place to place, it goes without saying that there's a lot of hours that the two of them spent on the road.

In that time, it's possible to get into an accident or for KITT to be in need of sudden repairs. And what makes it complicated is that KITT is quite literally a one-of-a-kind car. It's not enough that KITT was a souped-up 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and then an equally customized 2008/08 Ford Shelby GT500KR.

His list of special features includes:

  • A scanner bar that acts as his eyes
  • An AI supercomputer that's so advanced that he has an independent personality and sense of humour
  • A self-driving CPU
  • Turbo-boost and afterburners
  • Indestructible plating that allows him to get hit by firearms and explosive
  • Devices without a scratch
  • Heat resistance to the max
  • The ability to hack into just about anything...

... And have we mentioned that he can talk?

By our count, there are at least three really good reasons why the Foundation for Law and Government would have to look into the tips and tricks that we recommend for landing more affordable car insurance rates

knight rider car

Reason 1: KITT Is a High-Performance Vehicle

In other words, he's not the kind of car that you could take to any old garage and expect decent repairs. Depending on what's been damaged and how, KITT's "surgical team" could realistically include an AI specialist, a computer systems engineer, a chemist, and a bonafide rocket scientist before you have time to even think about calling the best autobody professional on the planet.

To put it bluntly, insurance claims for KITT would not be cheap. In fact, the parts alone would probably cost a fortune. And when you consider the fact that high-performance cars are generally more expensive to insure than others, it's safe to say that the Knight Rider's car insurance premiums would likely cost a little more than average.

Reason 2: Michael Knight's Driving History Is Kind of Ridiculous

Not all of the accidents Michael Knight has gotten into were his fault. We agree.

He and KITT can't be blamed for the fact that semis and other cars tend to be used as a way of attacking them.

But even the biggest Knight Rider fans have got to admit that Michael Knight gets into an awful lot of situations that people can describe pretty well as, "If it wasn't for KITT's indestructible coating, this car would have taken a beating.". And in situations where KITT's plating isn't as effective, the damage to the car tends to pile up fast.

With enemies fighting to access KITT's technology and additional attempts being made to neutralize his plating, it's only a matter of time before someone somewhere finds a way to render that indestructible plating . . . well, destructible. And with Michael Knight having a history of deliberately driving at cars and getting behind the wheel while poisoned, the insurance underwriters would have every reason to raise the premiums when insuring him to drive KITT.

Reason 3: KITT Is a Theft Risk on Wheels

Picture this.

You're walking down the street with your dog when out of nowhere, you see a talking car like KITT turning the corner. You can't convince us that some version of the words "Man if I had a car like that!" wouldn't be passing through your mind.

If a regular, law-abiding citizen like you can have thoughts like that, then imagine what could happen if Michael Knight were to make the mistake of driving past some folks who love the look of KITT enough to try and take him for a joyride.

Then, there are the folks who would want KITT for revenge after seeing him thwart their latest racket. And because KITT is often parked streetside in easily accessible locations, it's just a matter of time before someone makes a move.

And with car thieves becoming increasingly sophisticated, there's no telling what could happen to KITT.

But regardless of the exact premiums paid, it goes without saying that car insurance is necessary.

Life Insurance, Clearly

Michael Knight may have the magic of Hollywood and main character plot armour on his side, but it goes without saying that his profession is dangerous enough for life insurance to make sense. And if you go through our checklist on the factors that may impact the price of insuring him, Michael Knight has a few things working in his favour as well as a few things that aren't.

Factors That Might Lower the Knight Rider's Life Insurance Costs

For starters, Michael Knight is a healthy guy. He's young and he's fit. And while he has had surgery in the past, it doesn't seem to be interfering with his ability to fight crime.

Secondly, because he's relatively young, he may not have to pay as much in month-to-month premiums when all is said and done.

Factors That Would Likely Increase the Knight Rider's Life Insurance Costs

Michael Knight may be an incredibly cool dude, but at the end of the day, he is a man. For better or for worse, it's not unusual for men to pay more for life insurance simply because they're more likely to die younger than women are.

The Knight Rider is also in a dangerous profession while working with KITT. That factor alone will likely send his premiums up a little more.

While other costs that could impact the cost of insuring the Knight Rider's life would include the benefits as well as a number of other factors, it goes without saying that FLAG would be crazy not to pursue some kind of life insurance policy for the Knight Rider.

Travel Insurance, Absolutely 

Crime, corruption, and cover-ups happen 24/7. Michael Knight is never not on the job even when he's supposed to be on vacation. 

But the truth about crime is that it goes beyond borders. 

Arguably, as the internet has grown and everything from planes to submarines have become more accessible to the average criminal syndicate, there's an argument to be made that criminal organizations will likely become more international in the future.

As the years go by, who's to say that the Knight Rider's missions might not take him outside of the United States? Knight Rider and RCMP team up anyone?

Whether his travels take him to the Great White North or elsewhere, Michael Knight would definitely need travel insurance for the medical coverage alone. When (not if) he needs medical care to repair a broken bone or two, travel insurance would be able to cover the cost of his hospital bills.

Critical Illness Insurance, Most Definitely

Here's the thing about fighting crime and facing off bad guys every week...

You have to spend a lot of time receiving medical treatment. Heck, the whole story begins with Micahel Knight receiving medical treatment after being shot in the face and in need of a face transplant.

And despite the metal plate in his head apparently giving him a level of protection that doesn't exist for those of us with mere skulls protecting our brains, Michael Knight can still be hurt badly.

But don't just take our word for it.

Michael Knight gets shot up to the point of resigning in season four. And between the standard fights and the poisoning incident we talked about earlier, the Knight Rider is in peril during every mission.

There are a few reasons why he may want to pursue critical illness insurance.

Reason 1: Michael Knight is Usually Single

While it's clear that the Knight Rider doesn't have to worry about money on a day-to-day basis, that can all change if he ever contracts a serious disease.

If he was ever in need of long-term care, he wouldn't have a living spouse to depend on. And the fact of the matter is that going from a steady paycheque to nothing is quite the downgrade even for Canadians who have airtight financial plans.

Critical illness insurance would just make sense as a financial backup plan.

Reason 2: Critical Illness Insurance Isn't Distributed as a Reimbursement

Imagine being Michael Knight while battling a serious disease. You're suddenly unable to work. There's no new money coming in. And while you may have some funds saved up thanks to FLAG, ICU bills, and medical costs can eat away at your savings really quickly in the United States.  

If you have to move into a care home or pay for certain services for the rest of your life, can you do it with the money you have saved?

Here in Canada, we may not have the same issues around medical bills for the most part. But if you're sick to the point where you can't work, it isn't easy to support yourself on long-term disability. Critical illness coverage can help you maintain your dignity and your standard of living because of its payout structure.

Reason 3: This Insurance Would Cover Hospital Expenses and Medication

It goes without saying that when you have a critical illness, drugs, and cost of care are the two biggest hits to your wallet. In addition, paying for extra treatments and managing your expenses if you're unable to work are all very real financial concerns for those who are struggling with a devastating medical condition.

If Michael Knight were to be diagnosed with a disease of this nature, a critical illness policy could save him from having to pay for the hospital bill and the medication bill while in recovery.

After all, disease can strike anyone at any time.

Cyber Insurance, Undoubtedly

In the modern era, you can never be too careful when it comes to maintaining your digital privacy. According to the Canadian Bankers Association, 76% of Canadians manage their banking transactions mostly online. 

KITT will hack into systems in support of the mission like he did when he redirected a plane in order to prompt a pilot to take a wrong turn. But in the same way that KITT's AI is a formidable hacking machine, bad guys aren't above hacking into that same processor in an effort to access data and weaken our favourite crime-fighting duo.

For Michael Knight, cyber insurance could go a long way towards managing the fallout of a ransom attack or a classified information data breach.

Wondering What Does Knight Rider's Insurance Look Like?

Everyone loves to watch a good superhero film or series that involves watching humans fly around and save the day. But guys like Batman and Michael Knight, who fight crime with sheer willpower, guts, and next-level tech, have a special place in people's hearts.

However, in our personal view, it's safe to say that the Knight Rider would absolutely need to be insured at every step with the best Knight Rider's insurance options.

Between the crashing, the dangers of crime-fighting, and the types of masterminds Michael Knight and KITT are always up against, it's safe to say that a few eyebrows would be raised in the insurance underwriting department.

Looking for an insurance plan that's fit for a superhero? Be sure to get a quote today. 

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