Canada Travel for Business? Everything You Need to Know About Visas and Insurance

Posted on June 4, 2019

Canada had a total of 21.1 million international travelers visiting the country in 2018. More than a third of these visits were business-related. Visitors intending to travel for business to Canada often have wide-ranging questions about the processes and requirements.

The ease of doing business in Canada is very friendly. The country's economic and political stability makes it a hotbed for commerce and employment opportunities. Understanding visa requirements and insurance policies when traveling to Canada for work or business is important.

Do you travel for business? If you expect to visit Canada, there are certain rules about business visas and insurance. Here's what to know.

The Visa Issuance Process in Canada

If you are planning to visit Canada for business, then you need a Canadian visa. A visa is an official document issued, stamped and attached together with your passport. The visa signifies permission from the Canadian government for you to enter Canada.

The visa issuance process is a reserve of the Canadian embassy in your home country. The processing time may vary depending on various reasons. The type of visa you are seeking to apply and your country of origin are among such considerations.

Are There Exemptions to the Visa Requirement When Entering Canada?

Yes, the Canadian visa application process exempts American citizens from the general visa requirements. As an American, you only need proper identification that includes having a valid passport or the Green Card. For most other individuals, a visitor's visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization is a must.

Now that we know identification is a must, are there additional requirements to the process? Well yes, as a visitor, you also need a letter of invitation to Canada. The letter is by the Host Company, individual or party hosting you.

The letter documents the purpose of the visit and the period of stay in Canada. Your entry into Canada will depend on how well you define your motive. Not having proper documents may delay or derail your entry into the country.

Who Is a Business Visitor?

The Canadian government is particular about the definition of a business visitor. If you seek to enter into Canada as a business visitor, there are certain standards you must fulfill. Therefore, if you need a business visa for Canada you must prove that you engage in international business.

The requirement ensures that as a business visitor you do not end up infiltrating the local labor markets. Individuals who seek to enter Canada must prove that their activities will not have an adverse impact on the local economy.

You are also in the category of a business visitor if you intend to visit Canada to meet with prospective business partners. The Canadian government also ranks you as a visitor if you are in Canada for site seeing. You are also a business visitor if you are visiting Canada for prospective training in various areas such as sales.

Eligibility for Business Visa

American citizens do not face stringent entry regulations when entering Canada. The Canadian government stipulates the various categories of business persons recognized within the law. You must fall within the following categories of businesspersons to access a businessperson status.

1. Professionals

If you’re traveling to Canada for work, the government considers you as a professional. These professionals are often individuals who qualify within the NAFTA stipulations. You will require a Canadian work permit from a recognized company to fit into this category.

Most of those seeking entry into Canada fall within this category. Canada is keen on providing such professionals a chance to live and work in the country. If you fall within this category your Visa application process is not as complex.

2. Intra-Company Employees

Pay attention to this if you have worked for a company in the United States or Mexico. If the company decides to transfer you to a subsidiary in Canada, you are exempt from the Visa processes. The Canadian government considers you a business person with verified status.

3. Traders and Investors

If you are a trader or an investor seeking to operate in Canada, you need to read through this part. The Canadian government is specific about trading and investment in Canada. If you are a supervisor overseeing a major investment in the country, then you have an automatic work permit.

The regulations exist to ensure that the government is in control of the immigration process. The need to specify your purpose for being in Canada is part of the due diligence approach to immigration.

Have You Opted to Travel for Business? You May Need to Demonstrate Certain Things

You may need to indicate that you will only be in Canada for less than six months for normal applicants. The government in Canada insists that there must be a work permit for any individual traveling to Canada for business beyond this period. You must also satisfy that you do not intend to compete with the local labor market.

The government expects that you are either in Canada to invest or to advance the various business relations. Your main source of income must be in another country and not in Canada. The regulations also stipulate that you must have enough money during your stay in the country.

Did You Know That Canada Offers Super Travel Visas?

You may wonder what a super travel visa is. Well, traveling to Canada for business may require multiple scheduled meetings and business activities that extend beyond six months. If that is the case, super travel visas are what you need.

You can apply for a super travel visa that ensures you have unlimited entry into Canada for up to ten years. The visa allows you the luxury to decide the periods that work best for you. You could have multiple two- years of entry permits for ten years depending on your travel needs.

Travel Insurance and Canada work Visa

You may require proof that you have emergency medical travel insurance when visiting Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration department will question you on your insurance plan to avoid instances of emergency medical needs for uninsured business visitors.

In the past, proof of travel insurance was not mandatory. The trend is changing fast, meaning your application may be declined on such a premise as lacking an insurance cover. The issue of travel insurance is becoming common as lifestyle and chronic diseases increase.

Why Travel Insurance Is Important When Visiting Canada

It is true that the Canadian health care system is among the most affordable. But this only applies to citizens. Most of the foreigners visiting Canada find health care to be an expensive affair.

Visiting Canada for Work may require that you make advance plans to ensure your medical needs. You need to understand that Canada does not guarantee free health care for non-citizens. Travel insurance may be an important consideration for you.

So, What Does Travel Insurance Refer To?

Insurance cautions you from likely eventualities in life. You probably have life insurance, medical covers or education insurance for your children in your home country. Travel insurance also seeks to caution you whenever you travel to a foreign country.

When you have travel insurance, the cover indemnifies you against an array of scenarios.

Four Things That Travel Insurance in Canada Covers

Flight accident stands out as an uncommon travel hazard. But when flight accidents occur, the damage is fatal. Travel insurance covers you in case of such uncertainties.

Travel insurance also covers you in case you incur medical expenses while in Canada. Medical expenses may include minor or major injuries, infections, and surgeries. You certainly feel safer when you have such a policy in a foreign country.

When you have travel insurance, you do not need to worry about the uncertainties that surround flight cancelation. The travel insurance agencies ensure that such flight cancellation has zero cost implications on you. As a business visitor, this is an important assurance.

You may have lost your luggage while on transit at some time. This is the worst outcome that a traveler may wish for especially in a foreign country. When you have a travel insurance cover, you do not need to worry about luggage loss.

Are There Such Travel Insurance Options in Canada?

When traveling for business in Canada, you may need to find a credible travel insurance agency. There are a variety of options available in such cases. But you need to focus on the authenticity of such agencies to avoid disappointments.

You can apply for a travel insurance cover alongside your application for the Canada business visa. This can be 18 months before traveling or as late as a day to your schedule travel. To be on the safe side, it is advisable that you apply in advance.

Travel for Business to Canada Without Hitches

Once you understand these important details about a business visa for Canada and the travel insurance process involved, your stay in the great white north is set. The competitive business landscape, the inclusive employment laws and the ease of doing business will impress you. If you have any medical concerns, the timely travel insurance interventions available will guarantee you a peaceful stay.

Travel for business to Canada in comfort with all your insurance knowledge from Insurdinary.Ca. If you would wish to learn more about our business insurance topics, please visit our blog.

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