Is It Possible to Get Insured With Geico Canada?

Posted on March 26, 2021

Geico spends a lot of money on marketing. Resultantly, you can’t help but get sucked in by the insurer’s cute green Geico. For this reason, you might wonder about Geico insurance in beautiful Canada.

Despite the company’s brand reach, Geico doesn’t provide coverage for Canadian consumers and businesses.

Luckily, however, there are still plenty of great insurance options for national consumers and business owners.

Conditions in the insurance market change regularly. With this in mind, you might find that a review of leading Geico Canada alternatives is helpful.

To learn more about alternatives to Geico in Canada, keep reading.

Can You Get Geico in Canada?

After seeing a Geico commercial, you might wonder, “Does Geico operate in Canada?”

You cannot purchase Geico insurance in Canada. However, the company does provide coverage for US residents who may need to drive in Canada.

With this in mind, you might own a car, home or other assets in Canada that can expose you to liability. With the right insurance, you can limit your exposure to risk.

For example, insurance will cover damage that you may cause to your vehicle. It will also protect you from other instances where you might find that you’re liable for paying bills related to an accident. These costs might include medical bills or other expenses.

The Top Insurers in Canada

It’s important to choose the right insurance provider. However, choosing the right insurer is based on more than price.

Accordingly, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider when choosing an insurer. For example, you’ll want to consider an insurer’s financial health. Strong financial health is an indicator that an insurer will have little problems paying claims if needed.

You’ll also want to consider an insurer’s customer service quality. If you need to file an insurance claim, you want to know that your insurer will make the process easy.

With these points in mind, the following are some of the best insurers in Canada.

Aviva Canada

Aviva Insurance Logo

Aviva Canada is a subsidiary of the UK-based Aviva PLC insurance company. The Canadian insurer offers standard and optional coverages.

However, the underwriter also offers discounts that award customers for bundling. For example, you may save on insurance by purchasing both car and home insurance policies from Aviva.

You may also save on insurance with Aviva Canada if you’re retired. Likewise, you can save on your premiums if you insure more than one vehicle.

If you’re a Lyft driver in Canada, you may also want to consider Aviva insurance. The underwriter has partnered with the peer-to-peer ridesharing company.


Belairdirect logo

Alternatively, you might want to consider Belairdirect if you’re an Uber driver. Like Aviva and Lyft, Belairdirect and Uber have partnered to provide coverage for peer-to-peer drivers. Belairdirect is also a good pick if you put fewer miles on your car than most average drivers.

Belairdirect is a part of Intact Insurance. Intact Insurance has provided underwriting products for more than 65 years.

Furthermore, Belairdirect is a remarkably financially healthy company. The insurer also provides exceptional customer service. With Belairdirect insurance, you’ll have access to great prices, various discounts and optional coverage.


Desjardins insurance logo

Desjardins is another Canadian insurer that enjoys considerable financial health. In fact, the company leads in financial health, prices and discounts. Like its competitors, Desjardins also provides optional insurance coverages.

You may want to consider Desjardins if you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle. The insurer offers a wide variety of discounts and options.

For example, Desjardins provides standard, comprehensive and third-party automotive liability coverage. The company also offers collision and upset and accident benefits.

Economical Insurance

Economical Insurance Logo

Economical Insurance receives high marks for discounts and optional coverage. In most areas, however, you can only purchase a policy from Economical Insurance through local brokers.

Still, Economical Insurance ranks quite high in customer satisfaction. The company provides insurance products for a range of vehicles.

Economical Insurance will protect you from legal fees and lost wages. The insurer also covers medical expenses and accident repairs.

Also, Economical Insurance may cover unexpected expenses. For example, the insurer will cover you for a cracked windshield.

The company’s coverage also protects you from theft and vandalism. It even covers your costs if you need to rent a car because your vehicle is out of commission.

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance Logo

Intact Insurance is another Canadian underwriter that leads in financial strength. It also receives high marks for prices and discounts. Also, Intact Insurance offers a variety of optional coverages.

However, Intact Insurance customer service ratings don’t rate much higher than average. Still, the company is one of the largest providers of property and casualty insurance in Canada.

Intact Insurance specializes in providing coverage for North American consumers. Across the United States and Canada, Intact Insurance provides coverage for more than 5 million policyholders.

RSA Group

Rsa Logo

RSA Group ranks high in customer service, financial health and insurance discounts. Furthermore, the insurer has earned a reputation for providing remarkable additional benefits. For example, RSA Group offers reward miles for regular premium payments.

RSA Group policyholders can redeem their miles for various services. These services include car rentals and travel vouchers. Policyholders can also use their miles for concerts and accommodations.

RSA Group holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The insurer also holds an A rating with AM Best. Like Economical Insurance, however, you can only purchase their coverage through a broker.


Sonnet Logo

Sonnet ranks about average for financial health. However, the company ranks quite well for customer service.

Still, Sonnet premiums are a bit higher compared to other underwriters. Where Sonnet lacks slightly in price, however, it makes up for it in convenience.

You can access your Sonnet insurance account online easily. For this reason, you may prefer Sonnet if you like the idea of managing your insurance online. Also, Sonnet has a great reputation for providing plain language policies.

Overall, Sonnet has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Meanwhile, the insurer maintains an A- rating with AM Best.

TD Insurance

td insurance logo

TD Insurance is one of the most affordable insurance options in Canada. As an example, for about $56, you can purchase a full coverage policy from TD Insurance in Montréal.

Resultantly, TD Insurance is top-rated for its prices. The company also earns high marks for financial health and policyholder discounts.

Also, TD Insurance goes out of its way to provide exceptional customer service. For this reason, the company earned four stars in the Atlantic region in a recent JD Power study.

TD Insurance also is among the largest home and auto insurers in Canada. Many people favor the company’s affordable policies.

The Co-operators

Cooperators Logo

The Co-operators is one of the best insurance providers in Canada across all categories. The company performs excellently in all the most vital areas.

For example, The Co-operators is top-ranked in customer service. The insurer also received top marks for discounts and optional coverage.

The Co-operators ranks about average in financial health. However, the insurer fairs a bit better when it comes to its pricing.

Still, The Co-operators is relatively financially sound. Currently, the underwriter manages nearly $50 billion in assets.

The Personal Insurance

The Personal Insurance Logo

The Personal Insurance is another great insurance provider in Canada. The company received top marks for customer service, prices and financial health. For these reasons, the insurer is wildly popular and Québec and Ontario.

However, access to The Personal Insurance is limited. You can only purchase a policy from the insurer if you work for one of its associated companies. Still, if you’re an employee at a The Personal Insurance partner company, the underwriter is a great provider for your insurance needs.

The Personal Insurance standard auto policies cover third-party liability, collisions and accidents. You can also purchase comprehensive coverage from The Personal Insurance to protect your vehicle from more than accidents.

An Easy Way to Find the Perfect Insurance in Canada

Now you know more about alternatives to Geico in Canada. However, there’s always more to learn about the ever-evolving insurance industry.

For example, there are many insurance options available to meet your needs. What if there were an easy way to compare policies and find the best one? Luckily, there is!

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