Intact Insurance Login and Registration Guide

Posted on September 14, 2021

Are you aware that over 90 percent of Canadian's are dangerously uninsured? If you don't have insurance, you don't have protection. 

Insurance acts as that safety blanket you need during tough times. Though Canada has public healthcare taken care of, we're sure you understand that it's not so amazing as to solve every problem. 

This is why insurance companies exist. But not every insurance company was created equally. 

Insurance is a very personal experience. Still, you need to trust others to help make it work for you. Insurdinary exists so that you find the best people to make your insurance experience go as smoothly as it can.

In 2021, everything is online. Insurance is no different. Intact Insurance is one of the best options for online insurance right now. 

This article will walk you through how to create an Intact Insurance Login, and teach you a bit about Intact Insurance along the way. 

Head to the Intact Login Page

You'll start your journey for an Intact Insurance sign-in on the home page of Intact Insurance. The home page should have a besuited man pointing to text that says "We're here to help. Make it Intact." 

As you scroll down the page, you'll see the various services and products that Intact offers. 

It'll boast that on Intact online you can see the status of your home and car claims at any moment you want to. With their app, you can easily send in an insurance claim. 

Intact offers car insurance, home insurance, specific insurance for motorcycles and ATVs / snowmobiles. They even deal in the world of tenant insurance.

At the bottom, you'll see that they link to more pages with more information, and a blog where you can read about more topics (mostly insurance and finance-related).  This is because they care about the experience you have on their site. You can even look at their "careers" section if you're looking for a job.

Scroll back on up to the top and click on the "login" button to move forward. 

intact insurance login page

Begin to Create Your Account

Here you'll be asked for your email and password, which you can enter once you've created your account. 

You'll learn more information on this page, with text on the side teaching you that you can easily contact your representative, go paperless, and access insurance information. 

Under the text that says "first visit?" you should select the button that says "create an account." 

Enter Your Information

From here, you'll be asked to submit your policy number, write your first and last name, write your date of birth, and enter your postal code.

You'll also be asked to confirm your login with your driver's license number.

All of these numbers work together to prove that you're you. You only want to trust insurance companies that can assure you the highest level of security, which Intact can surely do.

We have even more information on Intact Insurance on our page. There, you can learn how many people work for that great insurance company,  and which of their subsidiaries you can use to help yourself out. 

You'll learn about their insurance programs for groundwater, water, and sewer lines, Intact tenant insurance, RV insurance, and minor conviction protection. 

Enter Your Email

From here, you'll be asked to enter some contact information.

You have to do this for several reasons. The first of which is that Intact takes your security extra seriously. 

After you enter your email, you'll be sent a verification message to that account. Head over to the account and copy and paste the code in the email to the page on the Intact Insurance site. 

You can look at this as a sort of last line of defence. If someone happened to steal your information, they'd have to send a confirmation email to you, which would alert you that something wrong was going on.

Make sure that you use an email that you check often, otherwise, you won't gain the full benefits of this online service. 

Intact makes it their goal to send you the best tips and updates they find to help you improve your experience. 

Create Your Account 

From here, you have to create a username and password so that you can easily sign into your Intact account. 

Choose a username that you'll remember and that represents you. You'll have to enter this in a lot, and you'll be seeing it often. 

When it comes to passwords, make sure you don't use one that you've ever used before. If you use the same password for your Intact account that you do for your Facebook, that means a hacker who gets into your Facebook suddenly has access to your insurance files too.

Take a look at the most popular passwords out there and make sure none of yours line up with them. A hacker will be able to easily guess (or have a machine that guesses) these most popular passwords, and easily get into your account. 

Log In

Once you've created your account, there's nothing more to do than to log in. Head back to the home page, where you can once again read about all of the wonderful benefits that Intact provides. 

Click on the "log in" button and go to the page that follows. This time, instead of creating an account, simply enter in your username and password and you'll be into your Intact account. 

Use Your Intact Insurance Login

Now that you have your Intact Insurance Login, there's no excuse for not keeping yourself insured. Most Canadian's aren't as insured as they need to be, but that can easily change. 

We think that Intact Insurance is one of the best companies out there. However, we can understand if you'd want to go with something else. Here at Insurdinary, it's our missing to set you up with the right insurance companies for you. 

Request a quote with us today, and we'll put you on the road to the right insurance. 

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