Submitting Intact Insurance Claims

Posted on September 24, 2021

Something terrible has happened. You've been in an accident, or you've experienced a natural disaster in your area.

It's OK, you tell yourself. You've got insurance. The insurance industry serves to help protect people like us against accidents and natural disasters

Wait, but how do you even go about submitting an insurance claim?

Where should you go?

If you're a member of Intact Insurance, Canada's largest home, auto, and business insurance company, never fear! Intact offers the following options to submit insurance claims: 

  • online
  • via mail
  • through the mobile app

Understanding how to submit your claims through any of these avenues will get you back to your normal day-to-day in no time.

How to submit Intact Insurance Claims

Submitting Insurance Claims Online

Policyholders can submit claims directly from within their Client Centre. Simply log into your portal and have secure online access anytime and anywhere. From your portal, you can

  • access your insurance coverage information
  • submit a new claim
  • track an existing claim
  • contact your representative
  • switch to paperless documents

The website is available in both French and English for ease of navigation. Select your preferred language and region within the top panel bar to personalize your experience.

Beyond just an online claims submission form, Intact Insurance's website offers guidance on steps that you should take to secure you, your family, and your property. They also provide a list of information that you should gather from everyone involved. These types of incidents include:

  • car accidents
  • windshield damage
  • property damage
  • water damage
  • fire damage
  • wind and hail damage
  • robberies

After you complete submitting your claim, Intact Insurance provides access to their Service Centre (for cars) and their Rely Network (for homes). Both of these services provide professional technicians or contractors to quickly repair your car, home, or property. Intact Insurance assures that all professionals within their network

  • use only quality materials to perform the repair job(s)
  • review and explain estimates before starting repairs
  • keep you informed throughout the process on how long the repairs will take
  • employ licensed technicians who regularly participate in specific training programs
  • are recognized for providing excellent customer service
  • participate in Intact customer satisfaction surveys
  • agree to regular inspections by Intact Insurance
  • provide you with the Intact Insurance Rely Guarantee upon completion
  • for cars, arrange for a replacement vehicle if needed

Contractors and repair shops are available across the country to ensure that policyholders of Intact Insurance are always supported.

Submitting Insurance Claims via Mail

At this time, all Intact Insurance employees are working from home due to their response to COVID. They ask that policyholders refrain from communicating by physical mail or courier unless they have no other options. Your insurance broker is the best contact to help connect you with a representative to help you out.

If you don't have access to the internet and/or you would prefer an alternate solution, you can file your Intact Insurance claim by sending it via fax to 1-866-213-2802. Their claims hotline is also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 1-866-464-2424.

Intact Insurance offers a 30 minutes claims guarantee via their claims hotline. This means that within 30 minutes of taking your call, one of their dedicated claims representatives will start your claim. If not, Intact Insurance will write you a cheque for the full amount of your annual premium (up to a maximum of $1,000).

Via the Intact Insurance Mobile App

Intact Insurance offers a mobile app for both Apple and Android users. Their app provides on-demand access to

  • obtain proof of insurance
  • view home or vehicle policy and billing information
  • see driving behaviour tracking and potential savings with my Drives™
  • request roadside assistance
  • submit and check the status of any car or home claims
  • chat with your broker
  • switch to paperless documents
  • review your billing statements
  • get tips on how to prevent severe weather damage

The Intact Insurance mobile app is a great tool to have on hand when out and about in the event of any issues or accidents. This app allows you to have instant access to your insurance information when you need them the most. 

For Apple users, you can even use the Wallet app and share your digital proof of insurance with someone who may be using your car. For Android users, a screenshot or an emailed PDF is the optimal solution.

However, only policyholders have access to the mobile app to submit claims. The app will walk you through collecting what steps you should follow and what information you should gather in the event of an incident.  

Submitting A Claim When I Have Another Plan

The use of Intact Insurance's app and their customer centre requires having a policy with Intact Insurance.

However, their property insurance also provides liability coverage for anyone else injured while on the property (home or automobile).

Your claim should typically be filed through the Intact Insurance policyholder, but if you need additional assistance you can call the hotline at 1-866-464-2424. This hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get A Quote Today

Intact Insurance offers many flexible ways to submit a claim for your home, auto, or business insurance. They offer peace of mind and a stress-free claims submission process.

However, it's important to also consider the cost of these benefits. Insurdinary is ready to assist you with choosing the insurance company to fit your needs. Get a personalized quote today and find out which company is best suited to help protect you and your property.  

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