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Posted on September 24, 2021

Are you more intelligent than a two-year-old? When discussing two-year-old Anthony Popa Urria, the answer might be an astounding no. This little one is the youngest member of Mensa in Canada, with an IQ of 154.

Anthony's IQ is near the estimated IQ of Albert Einstein for comparison. Not everyone has this level of IQ, and that's fine; you can still qualify to join Mensa.

If you rank in the top two percent of the general population when it comes to IQ, you can join Mensa. This elite organization has many benefits. 

If you are interested in joining the ranks, dive in with us as we explore who they are and the requirements. 

Mensa Test Canada 

The required IQ to join Mensa is in part dependent on the test you take; for some tests, it could be 132, while other tests require a 148.

However, to join Mensa, you need to be able to show proof that your IQ is higher than 98 percent of the world's population. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Take an entrance examination and pass
  2. Show evidence of prior qualification

If you do not have evidence of prior qualification, here's what you need to know about the entrance exam. This test is supervised and has a fee. 

For adults, the cost is 90 dollars, and for students with a high school or university ID, the cost is 70 dollars.

You must be ten or older to take the test at a group testing session. These sessions get held in major Canadian cities across the country. For children younger than ten, like Anthony, prior qualification evidence should get submitted. 

Before purchasing your test, make sure you connect with a proctor to check test availability. Your test fee is prepaid online, and you must show proof of payment at your test. 

After paying for your test, the fee is valid for one year from your date of purchase. For those who are uncomfortable with writing a test in English or French, a pictorial test can be taken. 

If you are going for option two, there are a range of tests that can give you a qualifying score. These tests fall under the following categories:

  • Tests administered by school districts
  • Tests administered by the military
  • Tests administered by private psychologists
  • College preparatory tests

If providing verification of IQ through past test scores, there is a fee of 50 dollars. This fee gets used to evaluate the evidence that you are eligible to join. Once it gets confirmed that you are, you will receive an invitation to join.

Mensa Canada Home Test

Are you wondering whether or not you have what it takes to join Mensa? You can take a Mensa IQ test from the comfort of your computer that will clue you into whether or not you may qualify. 

This test is for fun, but it can indicate whether or not you might pass a Mensa qualification exam. This challenge has 35 questions, and you have 25 minutes from start to finish to complete it. 

This is a visual test that requires you to recognize patterns and how to complete them. 

Mensa’s Practice Test

Did you take the online test, and you're now even more intrigued? Mensa has practice tests that can get mailed to you at home. 

This is a great idea if you have a lot of anxiety about taking tests or it has been a while since you have taken a written test. While the preliminary test does not qualify you to join Mensa, it can help you prepare for the real thing. 

The cost for this test is 25 dollars, and the test is great for anyone over the age of twelve. To receive this test, you must send a 25 dollar cheque or money order by Canada post. Make it payable to Mensa Canada. 

If you need to pay via credit card, you can contact the Mensa National Office. The test will arrive in the mail. Once you complete it, you will send it back to the Mensa office, where it will get marked. 

This process can take six to eight weeks, and you will get sent a letter indicating a pass or fail. 

mensa canada scholarship

Mensa Scholarship 

Did you know that Mensa awards Canadian scholarships to students pursuing higher education? The Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme provides several scholarships, all of which range from 1,500 to 2,500 dollars. 

Scholarships have gone to students pursuing a variety of fields including, social sciences, art, engineering, computer science, mathematics, skilled trades, and more. 

If you are interested in donating to the scholarship program, donations can get sent to the Mensa Canada National Office. Cheques should get made out to "The Mensa Canada Scholarship Program." 

If you are a student seeking a scholarship, you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and 18 years old. Currently, the 2021 to 2022 competition is open and will close on January 31, 2022. 

To apply, you must write an essay that is 250 words or less about your career goals. You must meet all criteria in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship through Mensa Canada. 

The essay should be submitted online. Only finalists and winners in the competition are contacted. 

how to join mensa canada

How to Join Mensa - The How’s and The Why’s

Do you qualify to join Mensa? There are many benefits to joining Mensa. You have the opportunity to make new friends and be stimulated intellectually. 

When you join your regional Mensa chapter, you have opportunities for socialization and friendship. There are also special interest groups available. Every year Mensa hosts not only regional gatherings but National gatherings. 

In addition, there is a World gathering. The 2021 World Gathering took place in Houston, Texas. This unique gathering gives you the opportunity to connect with Mensa members from around the world.

At these gatherings, you have the opportunity to attend workshops and just spend time socializing, networking and playing games.  

You will also receive newsletters, magazines, puzzles, and have the ability to participate in online discussion groups when you join Mensa. For adults, as you age, Mensa is a great way to keep your mind active and stay mentally healthy. The puzzles and socialization benefits are a huge benefit to this population. 

If you want to show off your accomplishments of being able to join Mensa, there is Mensa merchandise available. For the younger generations, Mensa is a great organization to join. 

Not only are there annual scholarships offered but being part of Mensa offers you an edge in career opportunities. As jobs become more and more technologically geared, you need whatever edge you can get. 

For younger children like Anthony, there is help available for gifted children. 

In order to join Mensa, you must be invited after either passing the qualification exam or providing prior evidence of eligibility. 

Mensa Membership Fees

If you have taken the test or qualified because of prior testing to join Mensa Canada, there is an annual fee. Memberships expire yearly on December 31st. 

The cost varies based on individuals, families, and students. However, you can pay either for one or two years at a time. Check out the membership fees below: 

  • Individuals: $75 (2 years $135)
  • Families: $95 (2 years $175)
  • Students: $50 (2 years $95)

For current members or recently lapsed members, these fees can be paid online or by cheque. If choosing to pay via cheque, the cheque should get sent to the national office. 

For students, you must provide a valid student ID. In addition, you must be enrolled in full-time studies as of December of the previous membership year.

Mensa Canada Contact

If you are looking to contact the Mensa National office, you can do so via their website contact page.

The national office has the ability to help you with: 

  • Getting a copy of the home test
  • Review of prior evidence for joining 
  • Updating your membership address or other personal information
  • Other Mensa administrative questions

Other contact information includes the national office address:

National Office Address: 1 Eglinton Ave. E, Suite 705 Toronto, ON M4P 3A1
Contact Number: (844) 202-6761

Join Your Local Mensa and Benefit

Mensa has many benefits, no matter your age. When you join Mensa in Canada, you are a part of an elite organization where you can make friends that last a lifetime. 

Are you ready to see if you're eligible? Schedule your test today, and while you’re busy challenging your brain, how about taking the rest of your body on a challenge too?

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