Submitting Humania Claims

Posted on September 7, 2021

Life is full of surprises, and your insurance company is there to support you through all of it. There are many reasons to submit an insurance claim, like a house fire, car accident, doctor's appointment, or death. Regardless of the reason, it's important to make sure you submit those claims correctly.

The process of submitting Humania claims can seem difficult, especially if you've never done it before. Luckily, it's actually more simple than it looks.

Humania Assurance has been providing reliable insurance to Canadians for 25 years. Because they care about their customers, they made their claims process easy to navigate.

This handy guide will help explain all the different ways you can submit Humania claims. By the end of it, you will know which submission process is right for you and how to do it correctly.

humania claims online

Submitting Humania Claims Online

Two main insurance categories affect how you file a claim: Individual Insurance and Group Insurance.

Individual insurance is when you purchase insurance for yourself or your family without any connection through a separate organization. This plan is great if you don't have an employer or separate group to go through. If you have had this plan for less than two years, you will need to complete authorization of disclosure for your province for every claim type.

Group Insurance is when an employer or separate organization provides your insurance. This plan shares premiums between you and your employer. Group Insurance will have coverage based on what your employers offer.

If you have had this plan for less than a year, you will need to complete an authorization of disclosure for your province for every claim type.

There are different reasons why you might need to submit a claim. All of these forms can are available on Humania's website.

Death Claim

The process for filing a death claim is similar for both group and individual plans.

For group plans, you can either contact Humania's customer service line or fill out the Notice of Death form. After that, you need to provide the claimant's statement and proof of death. If the plan is insured for more than $50,000, then you will also have to submit a physician statement with the proof of death.

Individual claims begin with contacting Humania's customer service line to have support through the process.

If you are either a beneficiary or liquidator, the first form you need to complete is the Claimant's statement. Then, you need to attach proof of death. If you are not a liquidator or beneficiary, you just need to complete the notice of death and attach proof of death.

If the person passed for more than $50,000, you will need to submit a physician statement. This statement is also needed if the plan is less than two years old.

Disability Claim

It's recommended that both individual and group disability claims to fill out a direct deposit form.

The first step with group claims is completing the disability claim form. Then, complete the physician's statement that clarifies your medical condition. Finally, complete the standard authorization for disclosure of information.

Group plans will also require you to file physical illness, psychological illness, return to work, and employer's confirmation for a gradual return to work paperwork if needed.

Individual claims will also require the completion of the disability claim form. Then, you will need to complete the Overhead Expenses claim form. This requires a physician statement as well.

You need to fill out the standard authorization for disclosing information. If your analyst demands it, you will need to file more reports for both physical and psychological illnesses.

Fracture Claim

Only individual insurance covers fracture claims. You just need to complete sections A, B, F, and G of the Medical and Paramedical fees form. Attach the x-ray images and you're ready to send it off.

You do not need to submit a provincial information disclosure form for this claim.

Critical Illness Claim

Critical illness is covered by both plans. For individual insurance, you need to complete a claim form for critical illness insurance and the standard authorization for disclosure of information. A physician's statement is also needed for certain critical illnesses.

Individual plans also offer coverage for critical illness in children. For this, you need to complete the child insurance statement and disclosure of information form. A physician statement is needed.

Group plans will not offer coverage for children. For everyone else, you need to submit a claimant's statement and authorize a disclosure of information. A physician statement for certain critical illnesses is needed as well.

Critical Illness Insurance for Children Claim

The compassion claim is only available for individual insurances and you do not need a provincial information disclosure form. You just need a compassionate leave benefit form for critical illness and the standard authorization for information disclosure.

Dismemberment Claim

Both group and individual plans need to complete the Claimant's statement for dismemberment and authorize information disclosure forms.

Individual plans need to submit a physician statement for dismemberment.

Group plans must attach a report form.

Medical, Paramedical, and Dental Fees Claims

This only applies to individual insurance. You can file an online claim for health and dental benefits. Or, email, fax, or mail a dental claim or medical/paramedical fees claim.

A provincial information disclosure form is not needed.

Medical, Paramedical, and Dental Insurance Claims

This only applies to group insurance. forms for Drugs, Medical/paramedical fees, eye care, and dental care can be filed online. Or, you can submit a dental claim form or medical/paramedical claim form via fax or email.

Compassionate Care Leave Claim

This is only available with group insurance plans. You do not need an authorization form for your province for this claim.

You just have to fill out the compassionate care leave initial assessment form.

Claims through Your Medical Provider

This process is when your doctor sends information to your insurance company so your insurance knows what you had done and what they need to cover. Speak with your medical provider to find out what forms they can submit for you and what you need to do yourself.

Submitting Humania Claims via Mail

Not everyone has an email or a way to fill out documents digitally, so the best way to send your forms to Humania is by mail. This is a secure way to transport personal information.

You want to make sure you have everything you need for each claim and send it all together. This helps prevent mix-ups from each form coming in one at a time.

It's easy to find where to mail Humania claims because it's located at the bottom of each claim description page.

You want to send them to their address at:

Humania Assurance Inc.
1555 Girouard Street West
St-Hyacinthe (Quebec) J2S 2Z6

Submitting Humania Claims via Email

If you can fill out documents online or have access to an email, this is the easiest way to send in your claim forms. You can easily respond to email threads and keep all of your claims neat and organized.

You can find where to email Humania Claims at the bottom of each claim information page. Otherwise, the email you want to send documents to is:

Submitting A Humania Claim When I Have Another Plan

When you have more than one insurance plan, you need to consider submitting multiple claims to get the most coverage available.

The first place you want to submit claims to is your "Primary Payer." This is the insurance company that pays for your bills first.

After finding out what the primary payer will cover, you will send the bill through the "secondary payer." The secondary payer will cover whatever is leftover.

The claim forms for this process will be similar to if you only had Humania. Your main insurance provider or Humania's customer service hotline will be able to help walk you through the process.

Know What You Need When Submitting Claims

The Humania claims process can seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be. We've walked you through everything you need to submit a claim and the different ways to submit it.

If you need additional help trying to figure out insurance, Insurdinary is here to help! We understand everything there is to know about submitting insurance claims.

We also offer other resources that can help you with figuring out how you can make insurance work for you. Reach out to Insurdinary today to find the best insurance rates for you or ask us questions about Humania claims.

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