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Posted on September 27, 2021

According to a 2019 survey, 49% of Canadians do not have life insurance. This leaves people's loved ones in the lurch if they die unexpectedly.

This matches overall trends that show Canadians are under-insured in general.

So, some people take out an Equitable Life insurance policy. If you have a policy through Equitable Life, or you're considering one, you might have questions. 

This piece answers questions about Equitable Life log in and registration. This way, you can access your Equitable Life account successfully. Or, you can create an account for the first time. 

What Is Equitable Life Canada?

Equitable Life is a mutually-owned insurance company. The group has provided Canadians with insurance for over 100 years.

Equitable Life works with independent financial advisors to find insurance solutions for Canadians. It's a member of Assuris, which protects policyholders in the event of bankruptcy. 

Equitable Life website

Equitable Life Policy Options

Equitable Life offers groups benefits and individual benefits. You can purchase policies covering life, accidents, disability, critical illness, and comprehensive healthcare. Equitable Life offers policies at a range of price points.

Group Benefits Account

Employers can purchase group benefits packages in five categories. These are:

  • Life, accident, and critical illness policies
  • Healthcare spending packages
  • Health and dental coverage
  • Wellness and online services
  • Disability management benefits

After an employer purchases group benefits, an employee has more options. An employee may choose to add more life benefits to their existing policy.

Individual Benefits Account

An individual may take out an Equitable Life policy. Individual Canadians have the following options:

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Individual life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance

Both individual and group benefits packages grant policyholders Equitable Client Access.

What Is Equitable Client Access?

Equitable Client Access is an Equitable Life account for policyholders. With this account, clients can connect their policies and make insurance claims. 

Individual Benefits: Register for Equitable Client Access

If you've purchased an Equitable Life policy independently, you can register today. If not, you'll have to complete the process of taking out an Equitable Life Canada policy.

1. Contract With Managing General Agent (MGA)

To take out a policy, connect with Equitable Life of Canada's Independent Advisor Network. This group of sales professionals will help you choose the right policy and fill out the paperwork.  

2. Fill Out Equitable Life Application

Before you can register, you'll have to fill out an application. The application requires different information from non-registered policyholders than it does from those who've already registered.

This is what the application looks like. Your MGA and Equitable Life's customer service team are both available to help you fill out the form correctly.  

3. Receive Email Link to Create Account

Make sure to write your email address legibly on the correct line. Equitable Life will email you a registration link at that address. Then you can create your Equitable Client Access account. 

Group Benefits: Activate Equitable Life Account

If you have a group benefits package through your employer, the registration process is a bit different. Equitable Life representatives should give you a digital welcome kit or wallet card at your workplace. 

If they don't, call Equitable Life's customer service number.

1. Examine Digital Welcome Kit

Your wallet card and digital welcome kit will have relevant information. Keep both on hand to check your policy number and certificate number. 

2. Activate Account (Plan Member Online Enrollment)

Go to the Equitable.ca homepage. Click the green "Activate Account" button. Then, select "Plan Member." This takes you to the page where you'll register your Client Access account. 

3. Fill Out Group Member Information

Fill out the requested information. You'll need your account number and certificate number. Then, create a password and challenge question for secure authentification.

4. Log Into Account

You can begin Equitable Life Canada log in at this stage. You can ask the site to remember your password. Only do this on a private device. 

Equitable Llife login

Equitable Life Log In

You can log into your Client Access account from the Equitable Life homepage. You can also log in from any Equitable.ca page.

1. Navigate to Login Page

To find the login page, go to equitable.ca on a desktop browser. Look at any page on the site.

Then, go to the upper left corner of the page. Then, click the "Log In" dropdown menu. This is in a white box on the dark blue page header.

Select your account type. This will be "Plan Members" under Group Benefits. Or, it will be "Equitable Client Access" under Insurance and Investments.

2. Enter Username

Enter the username you created when you registered. If you forget your username, use your email address. 

3. Enter Password

Enter the password you created when you registered. If you forget your password, click, "Forgot your Password?" This lets you begin the password retrieval or reset process through your email. 

Connect Policy to Equitable Life Account

Once you have an Equitable Life Client Access account, you need to connect your policy. To do this, click the "Connect Policy" button on the Client Access home page. 

Follow the on-screen directions. Consult Equitable Life's FAQ for further clarification

EZClaim App Login

You can download the EZClaim app from either the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. Log in with your username and password. If you choose "Activate Account," the EZClaim app with take you to the equitablehealth.ca mobile site. 

Account Troubleshooting 

Registration and log-in can be challenging. You can always contact Equitable Life's customer service at 1-800-668-4095 from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. 

These are the most common problems. 

Can I Create an Account on EZClaim?

No. You must use the mobile site or desktop site to create an account. 

How Do I Find My Policy Number?

Your policy number is on your wallet card. If you've lost your wallet card, contact customer service.   

Compare Insurance Rates Today

Figuring out insurance is complicated. Whether you need to find your Equitable Life log in information to file a claim, or choose a new healthcare plan, navigating these issues is a challenge. 

Fortunately, Insurdinary can help. We empower Canadians to compare rates from insurers all over the country. Tell us what you want, and get quotes today. 

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