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Posted on April 15, 2019

In 2018, each Canadian spent an estimated $1,074 on prescription drugs alone. On top of that, they spent an average of $1,933 per person on hospital services.

In total, the estimated health expenditure that year was a whopping $6,839 per person!

Imagine if you didn't have a health insurance plan? Chances are, you'd have a hard time paying those medical bills. In fact, in 2016, there were some 731,000 Canadians who had to take out a loan just to cover the cost of their medicines!

That's why there's no other better time than now for you to compare health insurance plans in Canada. We're talking about health plans outside of Medicare since we all know how limited it is.

Don't worry if you don't know where to begin. This Canada health insurance comparison chart will help you get started!

Manulife Flexcare ComboPlus Starter Plan

Manulife is one’s of Canada’s top health insurers, offering health and dental coverage in one plan. You can choose from three types of combination plans, but the Starter Plan is the most affordable.

You should also choose this if you need a plan that doesn't require a medical questionnaire. That means guaranteed acceptance, which is great if you have pre-existing conditions.

Drug Coverage

This plan's drug coverage includes 70% coverage on your first $570 in prescription spending. The maximum allowable amount per person is $525 a year. The plan also covers drug dispensing fees of up to $6.50.

Note that drug coverage is only for generic drugs. You can still buy branded drugs, but the plan will only cover the prices of their generic equivalent. Also, it doesn't cover OTC, smoking cessation, and fertility-related drugs.

Dental Coverage

As for dental coverage, the plan will pay up to 70% of the cost of fillings and cleanings. You’ll also get the same coverage for dental examinations, scalings, and polishing. Every year, your max allowable amount for these dental services is $575 per person.

The Starter plan also includes coverage for dental visits every 9 months.

Core Benefits

This plan includes vision care, like a $150 maximum (every two years) for prescription frames and lenses. That $150 coverage also applies to laser eye surgery.

There's also paramedical coverage, such as for chiropractors, osteopaths, and massage therapists. It’ll also cover part of up to 15 psychologist or psychotherapist visits per year. These are all part of the $250,000-lifetime cap for the Starter Plan's Extended Health Benefits.

Manulife Flexcare ComboPlus Basic Plan

If you need a more robust plan with health and dental coverage, the ComboPlus Basic plan may be a better option. It does, however, come with a required medical questionnaire.

Drug Coverage

You get more coverage for everything, including a max of $5,000 for prescription drugs every year. It also covers dispensing fees in full.

The Basic plan still doesn't cover smoking cessation and OTC drugs. Furthermore, it excludes drugs that don't come with a prescription.

Dental Coverage

You'll get coverage for dental exams, cleanings, fillings, and scalings. It'll also provide you with some coverage for specific types of extractions.

For ongoing dental maintenance, the yearly payable benefit is up to $750. This already includes an 80% coverage for your first $400 in spending, and 50% for the succeeding $860.

Core Benefits

The ComboPlus Starter and Enhanced plans come with the same Core Benefits. They cover up to $250 of the cost of prescription frames and lenses, as well as laser eye surgery. They also have a two-year maximum coverage of $70 for optometrist fees.

There's a $250,000 lifetime cap for the Extended Health Care benefits for both plans. With this, you can see chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists, and even acupuncturists. It also provides some coverage for visits to psychologists and psychotherapists.

The Core Benefits include coverage for durable medical appliances, homecare, and nursing. The cap is $4,000 for those younger than 65, while the limit is $4,500 for those 65 or older.

You'll get a max coverage of $2,000 for accidental dental services every year too. Plus, it comes with unlimited ground ambulance transportation services to hospitals. If you need air ambulance services, you'll get coverage for up to $4,000.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the Basic plan so you know what exactly you’re getting.

Manulife Flexcare ComboPlus Enhanced Plan

If you're like 25% of Canadian adults, chances are you're taking 10 or more prescription drugs. If so, then the Manulife Flexcare ComboPlus Enhanced plan may be what you need. Note that you'll need to complete a medical questionnaire when applying though.

Here's a breakdown of the drug coverage and other benefits you'll get with this plan.

Drug Coverage

Every year, your ComboPlus Enhanced plan will pay for up to $10,000 of your drug spending. This includes branded or generic drugs, as well as birth control and fertility drugs. It'll also cover all associated dispensing fees.

The plan pays for 90% of your first $2,222 spending on eligible prescription drugs. Then, it'll cover 100% of the succeeding $8,000, so long as the drugs are part of the eligible prescription list.

Dental Coverage

The Enhanced plan covers the first $500 of dental exams, cleanings, and fillings in full. The same coverage applies to scalings, polishing, and some types of extractions.

After that, it provides a 60% coverage for your next $700 spending on the same services. So, per year, this plan's total payable benefit is $920.

It also provides some coverage for endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery. Within the first two years, the plan covers up to 60% of a $400 bill for these services. This coverage goes up to 80% in the third year.

If you need crowns, dentures, or bridges, the Enhanced plan will cover up to 60% of the cost. But you can only get this from the third year of your plan.

Sun Life Basic Plan

The Sun Life Basic Plan plan provides coverage for prescription drugs, preventative dental, and supplementary healthcare services. There's no coverage for restorative dental, orthodontics, and vision care.

Drug Coverage

The Sun Life Basic plan reimburses 60% of your prescription drug spending or up to $750 every year. There's no deductible, although there's a dispensing fee limit of $5.

Aside from prescriptions, you'll also get coverage for smoking cessation drugs. However, coverage for these drugs is set to $250 for the entire life of your health insurance. There's also no coverage for contraceptives and fertility drugs.

Preventative Dental Coverage

With the Sun Life Basic plan, you'll get 60% coverage on preventative dental services. The yearly total payable benefit is $500. Note that you have to wait for three months before you can get this coverage.

Supplemental Health Coverage

The Basic plan also provides a 60% reimbursement for supplementary health care services. There's no deductible, but the plan will only cover up to $25 per visit to the doctor. The yearly max coverage for each practitioner you visit is $250.

If you get into an accident and suffer from a dental fracture or injury, this plan will cover you for up to $2,000. It also comes with coverage for both ground and air ambulance services. The total lifetime coverage you'll get from this plan -- including medical equipment -- is $20,000.

Sun Life Standard Plan

The Sun Life Standard health plan offers the same benefits as the Basic plan, but you get more coverage. Also, unlike the Basic plan, the upgraded Standard package comes with vision coverage. It covers emergency travel medical services too.

Drug Coverage

If you get the Standard plan, it'll reimburse 70% of your first $7,000 drug spending. Then, it'll cover 100% of your succeeding $93,000 eligible drug expenses.

There are no deductibles involved, but the cap is set at $100,000 every year. It also includes a lifetime max coverage of $250 for smoking cessation drugs. It covers all dispensing fees as well but excludes birth control and fertility drugs.

Supplemental Health Care

You'll get 100% coverage for all eligible supplemental health care services. There's no deductible to pay, and you'll get $300 worth of coverage per doctor you visit each year.

Accidental dental coverage is also set at $2,000 per injury or fracture. Furthermore, there’s coverage available for both ground and air ambulance.

The lifetime max of the policy, including medical equipment, is $25,000.

Vision Care Coverage

Almost three in five Canadian adults have symptoms associated with eye disease. The problem is, only half of these folks have seen an eye doctor.

Luckily, the Sun Life Standard plan comes with coverage for eye exams. You also get full coverage for prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. You have to wait for one year, though, before this part of your plan kicks in.

Get Quotes and Compare Health Insurance Plans in Canada Now

These are only some of your options when it comes to health and dental plans available to Canadians. However, they're a good place to start, as they fill many of the gaps left by Medicare exclusions.

As you compare health insurance plans in Canada, be sure to get quotes from each provider. That way, you can figure out which ones have monthly premiums and deductibles you can afford. Don't forget to check each plan's annual limits too!

Ready to find and compare health insurance plans from Canada’s top providers? If so, then request your quote from us now! We can help you find the best health plan for your needs that won’t break the bank.

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