Health Insurance

A Guide to Finding the Best Health Insurance Quotes in Ontario

on 1 May, 2019

Ontario will spend about $65 billion on healthcare next year. The government has also promised to trim around $1 billion...

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What Exactly Are the Services Covered by OHIP?

on 17 Jul, 2019

Ontario spends more than $53 billion on its healthcare system every year. People living in Ontario fund the Ontario Health...

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Your Guide to Getting the Best Health Insurance Coverage in Ontario

on 23 Dec, 2018

Ontario's population has grown a whopping 11.2% in a span of 10 years -- from 2007 to 2017. Today, it's...

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What You Need to Know About Supplemental Health Insurance in Ontario

on 30 Dec, 2018

An estimated 14 million people live in Ontario. It's Canada's most populous province. As in other parts of Canada, the...

health insurance ontario Health Insurance

Health Insurance in Ontario: What are Your Options?

on 20 Dec, 2018

With the average Canadian spending around $6,000 a year for health insurance, the idea that insurance is free in Canada...

ontario health care system Ontario

What You Need to Know About the Ontario Health Care System

on 24 Nov, 2018

Since 2006, the number of preventable deaths in Canada and Ontario has been dropping. From 2013-2015, there were only 69...

type of health insurance plan Health Insurance

Here’s How to Find the Right Type of Health Insurance Plan in Ontario

on 20 Nov, 2018

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (or OHIP) is Ontario's public healthcare service. It pays for the majority of basic healthcare needs...

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Home Insurance Safety Tips: How To Prevent House Fires In Ontario

on 4 Nov, 2018

Every year, there are about 24,000 housefires that take place in Canada. They result in nearly 400 deaths and more...

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New to Ontario? Here’s Why You Need Private Health Insurance!

on 30 Oct, 2018

Moving to Ontario for a new job or school? Congrats on starting a new chapter in your life, as well...

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A Complete Guide on How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Toronto

on 26 Oct, 2018

While more than 40% of commuters in Toronto use sustainable forms of transportation, there are still millions of cars on...