Top 5 Best Places to Live in New Brunswick

Posted on September 3, 2021

New Brunswick has been growing steadily since the 1850s and it's expected to continue as more people see the charms of this beautiful Canadian province. For people seeking relaxed vibes, nature, and affordable real estate, it's hard to beat New Brunswick. 

But what are the best cities to live in New Brunswick? With so many charming locals it can be hard to decide. But don't worry, we've got you covered with this quick list of all the loveliest places you should know about! 

Dieppe New Brunswick landscape

Dieppe, NB

Dieppe offers the feel of living in a European city while having the more North American amenities you might be used to. And it's quickly growing - everyone wants to be in this beautiful town for nature and leisure. Tons of restaurants and beautiful beaches are sure to keep you occupied. 

Beautiful beaches and gardens provide outdoor fun and relaxation on the daily. But let's look and the other reasons why you should consider Dieppe. 

Important Facts

The median household income is around $100,000 annually for its population of just 35,000. Both French and English schooling is available, and the average monthly rent is $810 for a one-bedroom. Crime is low both for the region and is 28% below the national average. 

The climate is cold and temperate here and quite rainy, with about 1150mm of rain per year. The unemployment rate is holding 3.9% which is one of the lowest in the country. If you are considering a Common Law relationship, it's important to know what the rules are in New Brunswick as they might be different from what you are used to! 

Fredericton New Brunswick landscape

Fredericton, NB

Fredericton is New Brunswick's capital city and a great place to visit - or to live!  A college and government town, youthful art mixes with splendid amenities. Be sure to check out the local farmer's market for breakfast, coffee, and of course your fresh food. 

Fredericton is settled alongside a river, which means tons of water sporting opportunities such as kayaking and jet skiing. If the water isn't your speed, biking and walking trails are easy to find. 

Important Facts

The median household income is over $82,000 a year for a population of around 90,000. Houses are available to rent for an average price of $870 per month. The unemployment rate comes in at 4.3%. 

Crime in Fredericton is a little high but at about the national average and has been steadily decreasing. The climate is also cold and temperate with a large amount of rainfall at 1222 mm a year. 

Moncton New Brunswick landscape

Moncton, NB

Moncton is one of the most urban places in New Brunswick so if you still want the amenities of a city, this is the place for you. It has a long history heading back as far as the 1670s as a settlement at the head of the Bay of Fundy. 

Even if history isn't your thing there are tons of museums, art installments, and music opportunities. For getting outside there are many public parks and walking trails to satisfy everyone in the family. 

Important Facts

Moncton's household income is over $75,000 on average for its population of 140,000 people. Apartment rentals here are a slightly high at a little over $1000 for a one-bedroom. The unemployment rate was up to 9.6% which is the highest it has been in recent history. 

The crime rate in Moncton is around the national average. Its climate is a tad more maritime with high humidity and colder at 6.2C for average temperature. 

Riverview New Brunswick landscape2

Riverview, NB

Riverview has a vibrant local community that welcomes newcomers. There are tons of hikes to explore forests and lakes, and the Riverfront trail is a great place to do some wildlife spotting. This small town stays busy with yearly festivals and events, as well as a love for the arts. 

Important Facts

The median income for Riverview is $74,127 a year which is above the provincial average. Rent varies a fair amount in this town of just 19,000 people, below $800 a month. Unemployment comes in steadily at 5%, below the national average by quite a lot. 

Crime in Riverview is very low, well below the national average. In terms of climate, Riverview is consistent with the area being cold and temperate. 

Rothesay New Brunswick landscape

Rothesay, NB

A community found on the Kennebecasis river offers delights for young and old to explore. In the winter, enjoy ice fishing and in the summer join the rowing club. Rothesay focuses on the family unit by making sure their yearly events are fun for everyone.

Important Facts 

Rothesay has one of the highest median household incomes in the area at $93,778 and a very low unemployment rate of 3.5%. When it comes to rent costs for a two-bedroom apartment you can expect to spend around $800 a month. 

Crime in Rothesay is very low and is considered safer than 93% of cities in Canada. Climate is cold and temperate with no dry season and an average temperature of 7.5C. 

Finally, Before Moving to New Brunswick

New Brunswick is clearly a winner when it comes to the best cities to live in New Brunswick for its intersection of cost and enjoyment. But now that you've decided on where to go it's a good time to think about some other factors.

It's always important to consider insurance when it comes to moving. And Insurdinary can help you cut costs and compare provides across Canada to find the best options for you. Check us out and get a quick quote today! 

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