What Is the Virtual Clinic?

Posted on September 7, 2021

Did you know that in 2019 there were 91,375 physicians in Canada? This represents just 241 physicians for every 100,000 people. That means that every physician would have 414 patients.

These figures explain why it's so hard to get an appointment with a doctor. Especially if you consider that these doctors also have emergency clinic duties and multiple other responsibilities other than seeing patients. Furthermore, if you need to see a specialist, you can wait months, and sometimes even years!

You can do almost anything online now including shopping and paying your bills. The good news is that a new way to consult with a doctor is now available. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are realizing that a virtual clinic is the best way to get their needs met.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Virtual Clinic?

A CTV News report in 2019 found that 4.8 million Canadians do not have a family doctor and each visit to a clinic is the luck of the draw. This leads to insufficient cancer screening and follow-up on health issues.

There is now no need to wait long periods for a doctor appt. Virtual care is available for you and your loved ones. You can consult with a doctor online with VirtualClinic+.

This is especially beneficial for people living in rural areas that have even fewer doctors and a longer drive than urban dwellers!

Any online doctor in Canada is available to meet with you and you can ask a doctor online any medical questions you may have. If your family doctor is not on the Virtual Clinic platform, tell him or her about this wonderful service. New doctors are welcome to join the platform!

Using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can put in an online call to the doctor of your choice. During your online doctor visit, you can do remote monitoring of your vitals that will be electronically and securely transmitted to your doctor. 

The best news is that this service is free in three provinces in Canada! In British Columbia, it is covered through Health Insurance BC. In Alberta, it is financed by Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, and the Ontario Health Insurance Plan covers it in Ontario

virtual clinic how it works

Stay in the Comfort of Your Home

With the COVID-19 stay-at-home decrees and the children learning at home, having a virtual doctor is the way to go! Health concerns don't rest, even during difficult times. Your kids will get earaches or upset tummies, you may have some meds you need to have renewed or adjusted, there's always something.

Now, from the comfort of your home, you can connect with your doctor by phone, video, or messaging. Your doctor can order blood tests and other requisitions without you having to drive anywhere! You can have confidence that all your health care needs are met in a safe and secure environment - your home!

Skip the Waiting Rooms

According to a study in the American Journal of Managed Care, they estimated that on average, it takes 121 minutes each time a patient makes a doctor visit. That includes travel time and wait time. Canada's average is likely even higher considering we have so few doctors.

Don't forget the old adage that 'time is money'. Those minutes you spend driving to your doctor appt and sitting in the waiting room can be avoided by booking an online doctor visit with Virtual Clinic. We haven't even discussed the cost of gas and the wear and tear on your vehicle!

How Much Does the VirtualClinic+ Cost?

How does a free Virtual Clinic sound? For residents of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, there is no cost. Virtual Clinic and TIA online doctor services are joining and this will mean that patients in Quebec will also be able to receive this service free.

For patients outside of these provinces that have a health spending account through their employer, Virtual Clinic provides a receipt so you can get reimbursed through your plan. If you don't have coverage, there are affordable health insurance providers available who will cover online health consultations for you.

Are There Membership Fees?

You do not need to pay any fees to access a Virtual Clinic membership. You provide your information through the Virtual Clinic Well Health portal. When you need medical consultation, you just have to go to the Virtual Clinic sign in and request an appointment.

If you don't have free coverage through your provincial health care plan, appointment pricing can range from $30 or more, depending on the type of appointment you select. You will never pay time-based fees and there are no hidden costs.

What Types of Services Does the VirtualClinic+ Provide?

Virtual Clinic allows you to select the gender and even the language your doctor speaks. You can also speak with your existing family doctor if he or she has already joined our platform. 

Through your interactions with the doctor, you can get prescriptions sent to a pharmacy of your choice, you can get sick notes and you can get lab tests or other medical interventions booked. Virtual Clinic is constantly adding medical specialties to the list of health providers. By joining with TIA Health, there are even more specialties available to you such as pediatrics, dermatology and gynecology.

What About Virtual Clinic for Mental Health?

Virtual Clinic, in partnership with TIA Health, will be able to provide mental health services to Canadians. We know that with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increasing need for mental health care.

People are stressed and anxious about so many issues surrounding this health crisis and Virtual Clinic can offer psychiatric and psychological consultations. There are other ways to get online mental health therapy as well that are available to you, there is no need to face the battle alone.

Is the Virtual Clinic Safe?

Virtual Clinic values your privacy. You can be assured that any interaction with a doctor is secure and private with bank-level encryption. Any information stored in our files can only be accessed with your express permission.

You don't need to Virtual Clinic shop, all the information required to get started with their service is online. The only issue that you may need to deal with today is ensuring you have medical coverage.

Inusurdinary can help you by finding the best health insurance provider to meet your needs. Get a quote today!

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