What Is Tia Health?

Posted on September 3, 2021

Has the COVID-19 pandemic left you stranded in your home and missing out on important appointments like doctor's visits?

Since the start of the pandemic, many people are staying home for their safety. Much of the workforce has even moved to remote positions.

These strange times have forced people to adapt their lives because of the lethality of the virus. Doctor's visits are no different. Even now you can still make sure you receive the medical care that you need from the safety of your own home. 

Tia Health is the solution that will provide you with the virtual care you need.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tia Health?

At Tia Health, you will find that many of the discomforts that come with going to a doctor's office in person don't exist. Their services are designed to be quick and painless.

Stay in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Tia Health allows you the ability to schedule and attend appointments all from your home. On their website, they even walk you through the four-step process and outline everything that you will need to book your appointment.

Skip the Waiting Rooms

 Just because you work from home doesn't mean you don't have a busy schedule. With Tia Health you can avoid the inconvenience of having to wait and attending an online call on your own terms.

Tia Health allows you to make an online call at whatever time suits you. They always have healthcare professionals on standby to answer any of your questions or concerns. 

How Much Does Tia Health Cost?

It might sound too good to be true, but Tia Health won't cost you an arm and a leg. Their pricing system is convenient even for patients that don't have certain provincial health plans.

Are There Membership Fees?

One of the most convenient features of Tia Health is its pricing system. For one, Tia Health has for one has no membership fees or hidden fees.

Patients who live in and have the provincial health plans of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia are not charged for their telehealth visits. Patients who live in other provinces will simply be reimbursed through a health spending account or through their private insurance. 

While Tia Health is available to Canadians in any province, their virtual clinics are located in the provinces of Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia. 

tia health services

What Type of Services Does Tia Health Provide?

Tia Health provides many more services than a regular doctor's office would such as doctors notes, dermatology, pediatrics and psychiatry.  Instead of waiting for long periods, Tia Health offers its virtual walk-in clinic for you to take advantage of right away. 

Getting a doctor's note can also be a hassle. To make this easier, you can obtain a doctor's note before you leave your virtual clinic. This will prevent you from taking the time to travel to a physical clinic and having to wait for one.

Tia Health can help speed up the process of getting a prescription. Once you have finished your online call, the prescription you need will be mailed to a pharmacy. Once they receive your prescription the pharmacy will then have it mailed straight to your home.

If you have ongoing concerns or current issues that are pressing during your consultation, have no worries. You can even book a lab test with your doctor should they determine that you need one.

Tia Health provides access to a wide range of medical professionals suited for you to consult. If you have back trouble you can seek out consultation with a Chiropractor. 

Parents who have children to care for will be happy to know that Tia Health also has Pediatricians on their roster. Tia Health can even help patients with foot troubles to have an online call with a Podiatrist. Other doctors available through Tia Health include dermatologists, physiotherapists, gynecologists, and osteopaths. We think that is beyond fantastic.

What About Tia Health for Mental Health?

As of late, many Canadians have been feeling isolated. Thanks to COVID-19 large amounts of people have been forced to stay inside. Along with the loneliness of being stuck at home, statistics have shown that about 50% of Canadians have struggled with mental illness by the time they reach the age of 40. 

Feelings of sadness and other distressing symptoms can make looking for counselling difficult for a person. But Tia Health is there to help. They have trained psychiatrists that will provide you with the support that you need. 

Like with all of the services and specialists at Tia Health, booking an appointment with a psychiatrist can be quick and effortless. On Tia Health's page, you will find a list of mental conditions from anxiety down to schizophrenia. Reading through these conditions can help you gauge your feelings and determine if you should seek out help.

All you need to get an appointment with a psychiatrist is a doctor's note from a general doctor. During your appointment with a psychiatrist, you will go over simple information. 

You will answer some questions about your physical and mental health as well as any symptoms that you are experiencing. The psychiatrist will also want to know what made you want to schedule the appointment, to begin with. At the end of the visit, the psychiatrist will tell what your next steps should be in seeking treatment. 

One of the Best Telehealth Services in Canada

Life has been impacted inconveniently since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn't mean medical visits have to be that way. Tia Health will make sure of that. 

Thanks to its various services and its staff of doctors that are specialized in several different fields, you will be able to get the professional help you have been looking for. On top of that, getting this help will take no time at all.   At Insurdinary, we hold your health and wellbeing as our top priority. For that reason, we have become Canada's leader in providing insurance product from life to travel.  Our agents are the best in the business and look forward to being able answer all of your questions about personal insurance.  Contact us today.  We look forward to working with you.

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