5 Things that You Should Know About Flexcare Insurance

Posted on August 23, 2018

Are you worried because you don't have health care through an employer?

[WORRY NO MORE]  because Flexcare offers a wide range of core plans and stand-alone packages to cover you for expected and unexpected expenses.

We'll discuss the basic features of Flexcare so that you can make an informed choice about your healthcare needs also the

5 things that you should know about Manulife Flexcare Health and Dental Insurance rates for singles (or families).

[1] Core Plan Benefits

Manulife FlexCare offers three core plans that are designed to provide flexible, dependable coverage.

ComboPlus includes prescription and dental coverage. DrugPlus includes prescription coverage and DentalPlus includes coverage for dental procedures.

Every core plan covers vision, emergency travel coverage, visits with psychologists, and home nursing.

Core plan benefits also include chiropractor visits, speech pathology, prosthetic appliances, and hearing aids.

You get accidental death benefits, visits to a massage therapist or osteopath, and ambulance coverage.

After you've completed your enrollment, your core plan will START on the FIRST DAY of the upcoming month.

You [may NOT] have to FILL OUT a MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE in order to get coverage.

If you're an expecting mother and you are accepted into a core plan within the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy, your hospital stay will be fully covered by your core plan.

In addition, parents of newborns should know that they can add them to their Manulife Flexcare plan in the first month of their birth.

[2] Level of Coverage

Once you choose your core plan, you need to choose your level of coverage.

Manulife Flexcare offers three levels: Starter, Basic, and Enhanced.

So if you choose Dental Basic, the plan will pay half of the first $1,150 that you incur in dental fees. The total payable per year would be $575.

On the other hand, Dental Enhanced will pay 70% of the first $1,200 in dental fees with a total of $840 payable each year.

The level of coverage that you sign up for will vary according to your needs. Are you getting ready to have a lot of dental work done?

You may want an enhanced plan in order to get the most out of your monthly premiums.

Another example is the DrugPlus Basic, which covers 70% of the first $750 in prescription drug costs and then 90% up to $5,000 per year.

This plan covers generic medications, while the DrugPlus Enhanced will cover 90% of the first $2,222 and then 100% up to $8,000.

Which level of coverage is appropriate for you? We offer insurance quotes online and can help you figure out exactly which package would work well for your family.

[3] Stand-Alone Benefits

Flexcare offers several add-on benefits that you can also sign up for without having to commit to a core plan.

They offer basic and enhanced hospital coverage, enhanced vision coverage, long-term travel coverage, and accidental death and dismemberment plans.

There are also adjustments available for seniors that offer higher limits for prescription drug costs. Some provinces do not have senior adjustments, but we'll cover that when we give you your quote for services.

This may seem overwhelming, but once you get a quote you can start to figure out which health care plan you need for full, ongoing coverage.

The problem is that too many people avoid signing up for insurance plans [until they have a HEALTH PROBLEM].

If you're worried about upcoming costs or just want to have a backup plan, getting Flexcare insurance is a great idea.

[4] Additional Flexcare Benefits

In addition to your coverage from core plans and add-ons, you will have several more Flexcare benefits.

There is no waiting period for Flexcare. As soon as your coverage goes into effect you'll be able to make claims.

It's also easy to use your insurance card to get prescription medication and dental coverage. You won't need to wait for approval and will be covered right away.

Also, if you own your own business, you may be able to deduct your health care plan expenses. In most provinces, your employer should be able to deduct part of your monthly plan costs.

Finally, you will earn Air Miles rewards for every six months that you have your Flexcare plan.

[5] What Do I Need to Apply for Flexcare?

When you're ready to apply for Manulife Flexcare, you're going to need a few things.

  • First, you should have a valid health card and your doctor's phone number.
  •  Write down the names of all generic or name brand prescriptions that you take, and have your bank information on hand in case you sign up for a monthly or quarterly payment plan.
  •  If you currently have insurance or if it just ended, have the name of your insurance provider and your ID number ready to go.
  •  You'll also need your driver's license. And that's it.

We try to make it as easy as possible to apply for Flexcare. We're committed to working with our clients to make sure that they have all of the health care coverage that they need.

Over the last 30 years, patients have begun to spend significantly less on hospital stays and more on prescription medications.

It's important to make sure that you have as much coverage for your medications as you need.

Do I Need [Health And Dental] Insurance?

You may be wondering if you really need health and dental insurance, but it's important to have coverage for both planned and unplanned life events.

Children get their first teeth at around six months of age, and it's crucial that they see a dentist in order to start a habit of healthy mouth care.

If they were to break a tooth playing sports, you would want to know that they have dental coverage.

One nice thing about Manulife Flexcare is that it includes visits to chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths, and vision centers. Even if you're interested in "alternative medicine," you retain that option with this health care plan.

Everyone approaches health care differently. Some people worry about health care issues that never develop, while others ignore their health until something serious comes up.

We have a long history of helping people find the lowest rates possible for healthcare, home, and auto insurance. Drop us a line and we'll help get you started.

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