Travel Insured: 7 Surprising Things Your Travel Insurance Policy May Cover

Posted on August 27, 2018

Travel insurance coverage starts as low as $2.50 USD per day. It's one of the most important investments you can make before your next trip. But if it's so great, then why are there so many negative reviews highlighting travel insured fails?

Part of it is because people are more motivated to write reviews when they're upset than pleased. Also, some people neglect to read the fine print before purchasing a policy. Read on to learn more about the 7 surprising things that travel insurance policies may cover.

What is Travel Insurance?

When things go wrong, travel insurance is there to help you pick up the pieces.

It provides a safety net when you need it most. When you're away from home and, perhaps, even your native language and culture. It helps you plan for the unforeseen, whether that be a trip cancellation or a medical emergency.

Some people confuse travel insurance with health insurance. Yes, it covers illnesses and injuries. But it can also cover situations like:

  • • trip cancellations
  • • trip interruptions
  • • gear that's lost or stolen
  • • emergency transportation

Bear in mind that travel insurance does not replace health insurance.

But it does cover the unforeseen: dengue fever, food poisoning, a broken leg... Just don't expect to get a routine check-up or seek treatment for a pre-existing condition with it.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Many travelers invest in travel insurance seeking a guaranteed reimbursement should unforeseen circumstances derail their departure or cut their plans short. That said, not all travel insurance is created equal.

Different coverage levels include trip delay insurance, trip interruption insurance, trip cancellation insurance, and even cancel "no matter what" insurance. Each one addresses different scenarios. So, read the fine print before making a purchase.

That way, you can choose the best coverage for your travel plans and personal situation. Remember, too, that this article represents a summary of what many travel insurance companies cover. But it's doesn't represent financial or legal advice.

7 Scenarios Your Travel Insurance Might Cover

Here are 7 surprising things that travel insurance often covers:

  1. Trouble with a local government - this means non-medical evacuation if you get into trouble with the local government of a country that you're visiting
  2. An immediate family member gives birth - whether you're the expectant father or grandparent, you're covered
  3. Jury duty - if you get a jury summons right before your trip, you have recourse
  4. You lose your job - while there may be some regulations with this one, rest assured if you get a pink slip right before your trip, you have options
  5. Your house becomes uninhabitable - if a fire destroys your home and you need to cancel your trip, most insurances have you covered
  6. Legal separation or divorce - when your relationship officially breaks up, travel insurance will cover you so that you can worry about the bigger issues on your plate
  7. You get immobilized - if an accident occurs that immobilizes you, travel insurance will allow you to delay, cancel, or interrupt your travel plans

As you're researching which travel insurance makes sense for you, pay attention to the covered reasons for trip delay, cancellation, or interruption.

More Possible Coverage

Some plans may also include things like:

  • • passport theft prior to departure
  • • school year extension (often due to snow days tagged on at the end of the year)
  • • loss of accommodations due to unforeseen circumstances with the host family
  • • getting quarantined to your cabin (for cruise insurance)
  • • having your luggage fall overboard (again, this is cruise insurance specific)

As mentioned above, there is even travel insurance for any cancellation, no matter the reason. Of course, you will pay for these additional provisions. So, weigh realistic scenarios against how much money you want to shell out for coverage.

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Let's go back to the medical emergencies we discussed above such as dengue fever. What happens if doctors decide your condition requires overnight hospitalization? Or, emergency repatriation?

Then, you or someone acting on your behalf should contact your insurance provider's emergency assistance team. This team will help you make the necessary arrangements as well as approve costs associated with your care.

If your emergency turns out to be less severe and does not require overnight hospitalization, then be prepared to pay out of pocket. You'll need to file a claim later seeking reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

It's paramount that you keep all receipts, paperwork, police reports, and anything else corroborating the circumstance. You'll need to turn all of this documentation into your insurance company later.

Don't Let Online Reviews Fool You!

When it comes to travel insurance, there may be many dismal reviews out there. But don't let them scare you away from the best investment you'll ever make.

Sure, some companies have better insurance plans and customer service. Some companies better inform their customers of the different pros and cons of various plans. But many customers end up dissatisfied with their insurance coverage because they failed to read the fine print.

The fine print will tell you where your coverage does and does not lie. It will also make it clear what paperwork you'll need to present in order to get reimbursed for covered events. So, instead of focusing on negative reviews, start reading the fine print.

Never Leave Home Without Being Travel Insured

Crazy, unexpected things happen in life, both at home and abroad. But you can take some of the fear out of the unknown by being travel insured. There's no better way to get peace of mind before traveling.

It will also help those you love to know what to do and how to help should an emergency arise. So, communicate your travel insurance coverage with loved ones back home (or traveling with you) in the event you need someone to speak on your behalf.

Travel Insurance for Canadians

Interested in finding the Best Travel Insurance coverage for your upcoming trip especially design for the traveling Canadians like you? Want someone else to read the fine print for you? We're here to help!

Our experienced team of licensed insurance brokers at INSURDINARY, are ready to answer your travel insurance-related questions. Contact us today for a quote or for help selecting the right plan.

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