Pregnancy Guide Articles

IVF Costs in Canada

At the time this article was written in 2021, 16% of couples that are attempting to become pregnant experience issues […]

What is The Average Cost of Raising a Child in Canada?

In 2019, there were 372,038 Canadian babies born to families across the nation. As of 2021, there were 359,533 little ones […]

The Ultimate Pregnancy Guide for New Parents

Each month there are hundreds of thousands of babies born in Canada. If you're here, we're assuming you're looking to […]

Chiropractor When Pregnant - Is It Safe?

It is very common for pregnant women to experience pain in their hips and lower back. At some point during […]

A Guide to The Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Whether you're trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy, you know the importance of a reliable pregnancy test. […]

Pregnancy Symptoms Come and Go - But When Do They Start?

While we hear stories of pregnancies carrying on for weeks or even months unnoticed, these cases are pretty rare. In […]

A Guide to Premature Babies

Are you worried about a potential premature birth? Premature babies aren't uncommon. Most hospitals are prepared to handle babies that […]

What Are Multiple Births?

Did you know that the largest multiple birth was to a woman in Mali who had nine babies? That's right! And, while […]

What Are The Best Pregnancy Apps?

The birth rate in Canada for 2021 is 10.224 births per 1000 people. Usually, when women or couples are expecting, […]

Planning a Pregnancy: Steps to Prepare Yourself

When it comes to planning a pregnancy, there's no such thing as planning too early. It's important to make sure […]

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