A Guide to The Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Posted on August 26, 2021

Whether you're trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy, you know the importance of a reliable pregnancy test. There are plenty of tests on the market, but you want to know that you're getting the answers that you need the first time around. 

While you should always visit a doctor for the most accurate results, there are several at-home pregnancy tests that can help. We're here to discuss some of the most popular ones on the market: The Clearblue pregnancy test, the Dollarama pregnancy test, and the First Response digital pregnancy test. 

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How Early Can Clearblue Detect Pregnancy?

The Clearblue digital pregnancy test is one of the more expensive pregnancy tests on the market. There are several varieties, but they average at around $10 per test. 

That said, there's a good reason for the cost. It's worth it when you can detect pregnancy early. Early pregnancy detection gives you more options and allows you to start visiting a doctor for pregnancy care earlier. 

Clearblue digital pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy up to five days before your missed period. This will vary depending on the person and how much HCG is in your system. 

Clearblue pregnancy test

How Do You Read a Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

One of the top benefits of a Clearblue pregnancy test (and another thing that justifies the cost) is that it's easy to read. If you've read a pregnancy test in the past, you know the struggle of trying to read the more affordable ones.

Is that one line or two? Is that vague second line actually a line, or is it a mark that was already there? 

Clearblue will tell you, in words, whether you're pregnant or not pregnant. There's no question (as long as you take the test at an appropriate time). That said, it's always best to use a second test. 

What Does 1 - 2 Weeks Mean on Clearblue?

If you get a Clearblue test with the Weeks Estimator, you'll see how many weeks pregnant you may be. Again, this depends on your HCG levels.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or simply HCG is a pregnancy hormone made of cells that formed around the placenta which nourishes nutrients and oxygen to the baby.

If you get an estimate that says 1-2 weeks, you might be confused. In reality, early pregnancy is difficult to test. Clearblue gives its best estimate of the time from the date of conception to the testing date. One week is very early to detect pregnancy, so 1-2 weeks is a more reliable range. 

What Are The Best Pregnancy Test Out There Aside to Clearblue?

If you think Clearblue pregnancy test is too expensive for your budget and you want to try the best alternative pregnancy test available in the market. Here are the best selections you can choose from:

Dollarama Medicare pregnancy test

Dollarama (Medicare) Pregnancy Test

So what about the Dollarama pregnancy test? How does it compare to the Clearblue test? Can you trust a dollar store pregnancy test for accurate results?

Dollar store pregnancy tests are great if you love having plenty on hand. They're only $1.25 per test if you buy the more affordable ones in a large box (and only $3.50 for the more expensive ones). 

Here's what you need to know. 

How Early Can a Dollarama Pregnancy Detect Pregnancy?

There are two varieties of Dollarama tests. There's an early detection test and a standard test.

The standard test is 99% accurate, but that relies on you using it as directed. You should wait until the date of your missed period (and then try again about a week later). This is because the standard test doesn't detect low HCG levels.

An early detection test might be a few days earlier, but it won't be as quick as the Clearblue test. 

How Do You Read a Dollarama Pregnancy Test?

Dollerama tests are incredibly accurate, but they can be difficult to read. The test comes with instructions, so make sure to read them before you look for your results. You can also refer to them if you're confused. 

There will be a small non-digital indicator on the front of the test. It should display at least one line. If there are no lines, it may be a faulty test.

If there's one line, it indicates that you're not pregnant (or that your HCG levels aren't yet high enough to detect pregnancy). If there are two lines, it means that you're pregnant.

To ensure accurate results, take several tests. 

First Rresponse pregnancy test

First Response Digital Pregnancy Test

First Response is another popular digital pregnancy test. It's similar in cost to the Clearblue test at around $10 per unit. Is the cost worth it?

Here's some information about the First Response pregnancy test. 

How Early Can a First Response Digital Pregnancy Test Detect Pregnancy?

One of the best things about the First Response digital pregnancy test is that it can detect pregnancy up to 6 days before your missed period. This is the quickest test on the market.

Again, if your HCG levels aren't high enough, early detection might not be possible.

How Do You Read a First Response Digital Pregnancy Test?

This test isn't as obvious as the Clearblue pregnancy test, but luckily, First Response has made it easier than ever to get your results.

First Response pregnancy tests are similar to Dollarama pregnancy tests. The standard test gives you one or two pink lines. You can scan the test to open up clear digital results on your phone.

The digital pregnancy test is even easier. When your results come in, they'll say either YES+ or NO-. This makes it obvious. 

Do You Think You Could Be Pregnant? Take a Test

All pregnancy tests on the market are up to 99% accurate, even the ones from your local dollar store. If you think that you're early in your pregnancy, the Clearblue pregnancy test or the First Response pregnancy test will be your best option. 

Whether you're avoiding pregnancy or trying to start a family, rest assured that all of these pregnancy tests can give you reliable results.

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