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Reliable Life Insurance Company (“Reliable Life”) is a Canadian federally licensed life insurance company, with our head office in Hamilton, Ontario. Reliable Life has been providing insurance solutions for Canadians since 1887.

Reliable Life, along with our sister company, Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada (Old Republic Canada), have been providing superior insurance solutions for Canadians since 1887. We have focused on being an industry leader in the underwriting of long haul trucking insurance and also specialize in the manufacturing and administering of customized, private-label products for distributors of travel, student accident, and disability.

insuremykids® Protection Plan

With 3 and 5 year plans for children, Reliable Life’s insuremykids® plans are designed with your children in mind. Covering all costs related to accidents that may happen to your kids, this plan is a small price to pay to prevent against financial hardship. Types of coverage provided under these plans include: dental accident coverage, tutoring benefit, and even total & permanent disability.

Reliable Life Travel Insurance

Designed for the traveler market, Reliable Life’s Travel Insurance plans are distributed through various insurance networks. These plans are custom-made based on an individual’s travel plans, and are very flexible by nature.

Reliable Life Accident and Health Insurance

Another tailored offering from Reliable Life: Accident and Health Insurance. Customized to meet the needs of the applicant/policyholder, Reliable Life offers disability insurance, extended health plans, personal accident insurance and an in-hospital money plan.

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