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Reliable Life health insurance plan

Learn about Reliable Life Health Insurance Plan

Reliable Life Insurance has been providing insurance services to Canadians, together with its sister company, Old Republic Canada since 1887. It is a federally licensed company and has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. Together with its sister company, Reliable Life has consolidated assets of about 18.5 billion, as of January 2017. The duo makes up the entire Canadian operations of Old Republic International Corporation (ORI on the New York Stock Exchange). ORI is one of the top 50 publicly held insurance companies in North America.

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What Does Reliable Life Insurance Group Benefit Cover?

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What are the Different Health Insurance Plans Offered by Reliable Life

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News about Reliable Life Insurance

The surety company of Old Republic International Corporation, the parent company of Reliable Life, announced an increase in the capacity of its commercial bonding to $10 million for an aggregate or a single commercial surety exposure. Old Republic Surety will be able to provide larger bond programs due to the increased capacity of the commercial bonding. This would further enable it to serve more diverse markets that need higher bonding capacities. Furthermore, Old Republic would be able to share larger accounts with other sureties as much as possible with the aid of this added additional capacity. The commercial surety products would provide bonding solutions to private and public entities across the country.

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Reliable Life Insurance FAQ

Who is eligible for the Insuremykids Students Accident Insurance?

The students are required to be

  1. Over 6 months old;
  2. Below 27 years old; and
  3. Resident in Canada, with the exception of the Quebec Province.

Students aged 14 and above are required to be full-time students.

What is the coverage period for the Insuremykids Students Accident Insurance?

The coverage for the plan begins on the date that Reliable Life receives the completed application and the premium. The coverage ends on the expiration date shown on the confirmation of coverage or when the insured is no longer eligible for the coverage.

What Benefits does the Insuremykids Students Accident Insurance Cover?

The plan covers several benefits namely:

  1. Total and permanent disability benefit. The total and permanent disability includes a platinum plan (with a maximum benefit of $350,000), gold plan (up to $150,000 in benefits), and silver plan (up to $75,000 in benefits).
  2. Accidental death benefits. This includes platinum plan (up to $30,000 in benefits), gold plan (up to $20,000 in benefits), and silver plan (up to $15,000 in benefits).
  3. Double benefit for accidental death.
  4. Loss of limb or loss of use.
  5. Hospital room expense.
  6. Medical and rehabilitation expenses – up to $2,000.
  7. Dental treatment.
  8. Dread disease – up to $12,000.
  9. Counseling – up to $750.
  10. Confinement – up to $21,000.
  11. Repatriation or burial (platinum plan only) – up to $3,000.
  12. Emergency return flight (platinum plan only) – up to $1,000.
  13. Air flight accidental death (platinum plan only) – $5,000.
  14. Trip cancellation (platinum plan only) – up to $1,000.
  15. Out-of-province emergency medical expenses (platinum plan only) – up to $200,000

And so forth.

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