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Equipment Breakdown

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The Right Protection for Equipment Breakdown

Machines and equipment can break down. However, if a machine breaks down at a wrong or unexpected time, the ripple effect such breakdown may have on a business could be enormous. If care is not taken, a business might have to close down for some period due to equipment breakdown. This makes it very important to protect your equipment against any form of breakdowns.

Co-operators equipment breakdown insurance takes away the stress and discomfort of equipment breakdown, allowing you to focus on running and building your business. This coverage provides sufficient protection for all equipment in a business not protected by the Co-operators standard commercial property policy.

Keep Your Business Running with Equipment Breakdown Insurance

The equipment breakdown insurance covers a lot of interruptions in business provided they are included in the policy. It also covers against spoiled contents or inventory, and property damage. All kinds of electrical and mechanical items can be insured by this coverage. In fact, any business equipment, whether mechanical or electrical, capable of breaking down can be insured.

  • You can customize your equipment breakdown insurance even further if you have specialized equipment.
  • Additional coverage can be added to your policy to specifically cover for equipment such as production machines and also for electronic equipment.
  • Equipment that is not automatically covered by the standard commercial property policy is covered by this plan.
  • The coverage protects your equipment against any kind of spoiled inventory or content, property damage and also business interruption provided in the policy
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