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An Insurance Plan Designed for Co-operatives

Co-operatives need the right kind of insurance plan to take care of their members, groups, and employees. In addition, the success of the group hinges on many factors but most importantly on how well the organizational goals are planned out to meet the required needs. This is where the Co-operators come in. With the robust insurance coverage offered by the Co-operators, you can effectively manage your co-op and even leverage the service of financial advisors to customize your plans in order to meet the exact needs of your organization. In addition, the insurance rates offered by the Co-operators are guaranteed to be easy on your budget and affordable.

Features and Benefits

Every insurance package you need for your co-op is combined under one package in Co-op Guard. These include essential liability coverage, specialty liability coverage, commercial auto insurance, business interruption and crime coverage, equipment breakdown insurance, to mention a few.

  • All the protection you need for your co-operative are combined under one complete package in Co-op guard.
  • The essential liability coverage offers you financial protection against lawsuits including commercial general liability, blanket accident insurance, tenants legal liability, and non-owned auto liability.
  • The specialty liability coverage includes protection from claims that may result due to your actions. It covers for sexual misconduct or abuse liability, error & omission liability, privacy breach coverage etc.
  • It also includes commercial auto insurance which protects against third-party liability, physical damage and also includes garage auto insurance.
  • The Co-op Guard will protect your mechanical equipment against any form of breakdown such as crack, ruptures.
  • It includes group benefits and group RRSPs that protect your employees and makes it easy for your employees to save for their retirements.
  • This coverage is very affordable and can be easily accessed any day and anytime. The 24 hour claims emergency hotline is also available for you to leverage.



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