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The number of liability a business can run into is simply limitless. This can even occur even when the business is extremely careful and follows most legal procedures. Some accidents and liabilities are caused by external factors beyond the business but they could still be blamed on the business. With general liability, you can only protect a limited number of liabilities, what happens when you reach your liability limit? This is where you need the Co-operators umbrella liability.
The Co-operators umbrella liability has all the features you need to offer you sufficient protection even when your liability limits for your policies have been reached.
In a nutshell, this coverage provides additional protection above your policy limits. In addition, this coverage also covers property damage as well as injury.

Features and Benefits

Umbrella liability is a very robust and interesting plan designed to have a global coverage. In other words, where the injury or property damage occurred is immaterial. It does not matter whether you are held liable for injury or property damage home or abroad, you can be sure of effective protection with this coverage.

  • If you are looking for a liability insurance coverage that has a broader definition and reaches for bodily injuries, the umbrella liability is the right option for you.
  • The umbrella liability provides worldwide coverage for any kind of injury or property damage caused by your product or operation.
  • The plan also includes the standard express auto policy which provides coverage for licensed automobiles.
  • The umbrella liability kicks in when you have reached the liability limit of your current policy.



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