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Protection Plan Against Errors and Omissions

Virtually every professional can potentially make a very costly error or omission in their profession. Defective designs, typographical errors, inaccurate information or advice are some of the numerous errors professionals can make.
With Errors and Omissions insurance, you can protect yourself and your profession against accompanying liability and litigation.
Errors and omissions were usually restricted to specific professions such as engineers, doctors, and lawyers but today increasing number of professionals has recognized the importance of this insurance type. With Co-operator’s error and omission insurance, occupations that qualify as professionals in terms of the national or provincial regulation, their period of technical training and commitment to a professional guideline, could protect themselves.

Features and Benefits

This is the best coverage for you if you have minor or moderate professional exposure. Self-employed people, travel agencies, real estate firms, bookkeepers, and consultants can leverage this plan. It covers you for the loss caused by design defects, breach of contracts, delay in delivery and others.

  • Any professional can be protected with the Co-operators error and omission insurance.
  • This insurance plan is for you if your occupation requires a commitment to rigorous professional principles or guidelines; a period of practical training; or/and a national or provincial regulation.
  • The coverage is best for people with minor or moderate professional exposure such as consultants, bookkeepers, self-employed people, travel or employment agencies, real estate firms and so forth.
  • Financial loss caused by defective designs, breach of contracts, typographical errors, delay in delivery, incorrect appraisals, inaccurate advice or information and so forth can be protected with this plan.



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