What you Need to Know About Blue Cross Health Insurance in Canada

Posted on December 5, 2017

Many people are surprised to learn that Blue Cross is available in Canada. Here's everything you need to know about Blue Cross Health Insurance.

Did you know that Blue Cross health insurance is available in Canada? Many people do not. However, Blue Cross Canada is indeed an option and a good one at that.

Blue Cross Canada is popular for its travel insurance options in addition to the normal coverage that it has available. Blue Cross has become a trusted name in the insurance world, and many people opt for this coverage when they are shopping for the best insurance policy out there.

Want to know more about Blue Cross insurance and what that looks like for Canadian citizens?

Read on for everything you need to know about Blue Cross health insurance and its availability in Canada.

The Basics of Blue Cross Health Insurance

Blue Cross insurance is taking big strides and making headlines, even partnering with huge tech companies like Alphabet/Google to manage diseases like diabetes.

Of course, Blue Cross Canada is no different.

In Canada, Blue Cross is best known for the supplemental medical insurance coverage they offer to Canadians.

However, it also happens to be one of the major Canadian travel insurance options.

Blue Cross insurance is available through seven different plans across the country. The plans offered to differ across each region, so you will need to check what the options are in your area before making any decisions.

What Makes Blue Cross So Appealing?

Blue Cross Canada is certainly something to look into if you are shopping for insurance.

Chances are, if you are exploring your insurance options, you already understand the importance of becoming insured and protecting yourself. Risk is everywhere, and you do not want to go uncovered.

However, the reason that Blue Cross Canada is so desirable is for the range of items it covers and for its affordable price.

For over 70 years, Blue Cross has signified quality coverage at a fair and affordable price. Blue Cross offers both individual health coverage and travel insurance coverage.

As far as individual health coverage, Blue Cross offers general medical care in addition to vision coverage and other products and services.

Participating providers around Canada can offer a variety of insurance coverage options. Blue Cross membership also gives you access to exclusive members-only discounts and specials.

They also have group benefits available in addition to group life insurance.

Blue Cross has made a name for itself as a trustworthy insurance company that delivers personalized service and top-of-the-line customer care.

Still, keep in mind that insurance policies can change at any time. You may not even get a warning.

Make sure to read through your policy carefully to avoid any surprises or unexpected news. Online quotes are available in most regions so you will be able to compare your options online before making a decision.

Blue Cross Canada Travel Insurance Policy

As far as travel insurance, Blue Cross Canada must be obtained prior to departing for your trip. You cannot apply after leaving or while you are already on your trip.

In addition, if you travel to a country where the government of Canada has advised you not to go, you will not be covered.

If the Canadian government has issued an official travel advisory or warning against non-essential travel--or if the government has barred travel to that country altogether--you probably should not go there.

The government is trying to keep you safe and protected. Insurance companies are not willing to take on the added risk that is posed by the current climate of the country if the Canadian government has declared it to be unsafe for its citizens.

That is why if you do decide to go, you are doing so at your own risk. Blue Cross will not be available and will not apply.

Other Things to Know

There are a few additional things you should know about Blue Cross Canada if you are looking into this policy for your own coverage.

First of all, this probably goes without saying, but you must be a Canadian resident in order to purchase a Blue Cross Canada policy.

However, plans for visitors to Canada are also possible. Just ask your insurance broker and they should be able to fully inform you about your options.

In addition, you have to be covered by the government health plan wherever you live. And, if you are older than the age of 61, you will likely have to fill out a medical questionnaire before receiving your policy.

How to Compare Blue Cross Canada and Other Types of Insurance

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