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Why Ivari Insurance

Once Transamerica, the newly-branded IVARI is a Canadian insurance company with 80 years of history. In 2015, They were acquired by Wilton Re. Wilton Re is a life (re) insurance company specializing in the acquisition and management of life and annuity businesses as well as with assisting companies with product development, underwriting and new business strategies designed to serve the middle market.

With a national network of thousands of independent advisors across the country, Ivari provides a full range of insurance products designed to help Canadians make the right choice for their protection needs.


Ivari Products Overview

  • » Ivari Critical Illness Insurance

  • Let’s talk about… Critical Illness. Ivari Critical Illness insurance provides a tax-free, lump-sum Critical Illness benefit when you are diagnosed with a covered condition and you survive the 30-day survival period. The money you receive can be used whatever you choose, without restriction. It's an Ivari's critical illness insurance product that designed for each Canadians families.
  • » Ivari Term Life Insurance

  • Let's talk about... Temporary Protection. Ivari Term Life insurance provides an affordable protection for a specific period of time – available for 10, 20 or 30 years. With this plan, you only pay the premium for the term period you require the coverage. It's an Ivari's term life insurance product that designed for Canadian Millennial or for professionals with younger children.
  • » Ivari Universal Life Insurance

  • Let's talk about... Universal Life. Ivari Universal Life insurance provides an affordable and customizable protection with a wide range of features and options including Investment options, Riders, Death benefit options, and Flexible coverage. It's an Ivari's universal life insurance product that designed for Canadians that want coverage with savings.

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