How Can Alberta Visitors Get Private Health Insurance?

Posted on November 23, 2018

One of the best perks of living in Alberta and the whole of Canada is the health care system.

However, only residents get to enjoy the benefits this entails. What about the visitors or the foreigners living in the country?

The cost of health care in Canada can be high for non-residents, but insurance solves this problem. They can get a visitor-to-Canada plan from private insurance companies. This should cover some health care costs they might incur.

This is not a rule, but if you're visiting Canada and staying there for a while, you should consider buying health insurance. You would want to have enough protection should something happens. Keep on reading to learn all about a visitor insurance plan and how you can apply for it.

Coverage of a Visitor-to-Canada Insurance

Many companies offer this type of insurance, which is why the coverage might vary. In general, though, the maximum benefits are either $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000. Some also offer $15,000 or $25,000 worth of benefits.

It should cover hospitalization fees, professional fees, emergency care, and transport costs. A plan might also cover emergency dental treatments, prescription drugs, or medical appliances.

Most plans also cover your meals and accommodation costs should a medical emergency cause the delay of your trip back home. Other insurance policies have more perks, so don't hesitate to shop around for the best value.

These still have limits, though. For example, the insurance plan may only cover up to a semi-private room. The amount they'll pay for professional services is also limited.

Still, the coverage should be good enough for your medical needs during your stay in Canada.

Whom Is It for?

You might think that this type of private medical insurance is good only for tourists. However, it can also be ideal for other people. Examples are those with a work visa and temporary foreign workers.

This is also suitable for Canadians who aren't eligible for a government insurance. Those who are still waiting for one can also opt for this type of insurance instead.

Do you know of any parent or grandparent who wants to stay for up to 2 years? They will also need an insurance as a key requirement in applying for a Super Visa.

Are You Eligible for this Plan?

While a private health insurance for visitors in Alberta has different requirements, you'll find that they're pretty similar. For instance, most providers have an age limit, which is around 79 to 85 years old. As for the requirements, you might have to answer a medical questionnaire.

There are certain things that might harm your eligibility. Most insurers would not give you a plan if you're travelling against your doctor's advice. If you have a grave condition, like a terminal illness, the provider might also turn you down.

Aside from those, you should be eligible as long as you're not a Canadian resident who benefits from a Canadian provincial health insurance plan. You should also be able to afford it, of course.

How to Choose the Right Private Insurance Plan

Being a foreigner choosing private health insurance in Canada can be tricky. This is especially hard if you have little knowledge in this industry. Now that you know about a private insurance, though, it's time to learn how you can choose the right one.

Look at the Coverage and Benefits

You have to make sure that the plan covers all your needs. Do you need dental care treatment, for example? If you're going to do sports or dangerous activities, you might have to look for another option.

If you're planning to go back to your home country and then come back to Canada, you will also benefit from a Trip Break. This allows you to do so without the need to terminate the insurance. Some also offer a Side Trip feature, which provides coverage for the time spent outside the country.

Consider Your Pre-Existing Conditions

While looking at the coverage, don't forget to ensure that the plan will cover the treatments you would need for a pre-existing condition. Some plans, though, won't even guarantee the approval of your application if you have one.

There are certain instances wherein you might still be able to get an insurance. For example, you would have to be stable first before they approve your application. However, the definition of stable varies.

Determine the Length of Your Stay

Whether you're planning to stay for a few months or a year, you have to relay that information to the insurer. They will then give you an accurate quote and a suitable plan for the duration of your stay.

Decide How Many People You Want Insurance for

Are you looking for an insurance for a single person or do you want to include your whole family? Ask the insurance provider for your options. You might be able to save if you buy an insurance for the whole family instead of buying individual plans.

Buy Before Going to Canada

We advise buying a visitor-to-Canada insurance before your trip. Why?

That's because most insurers have a waiting period of a few days before the coverage begins if you buy an insurance after you've arrived in the country. Should you need a medical treatment during this period, the provider will not cover your expenses. If you buy before you go, there's usually no waiting period.

Talk to an Insurance Broker

A lot of private insurance companies are offering this type of insurance for visitors. A quick Google search will get you a lot of results, and it's easy to buy one even from overseas as well. If you need more help, talking to an insurance broker might help you decide which one is the right fit for you.

Find the Right Company for You

Remember our tips and the other information above to help you find the right insurance plan and provider for you.

The right company will be able to discuss with you all you need to know about buying a private insurance in Canada. If you have more questions about the visitor-to-Canada insurance, don't hesitate to contact us now.

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