Alberta Articles

Alberta Health Insurance Comparison

Over the last several decades the cost for private healthcare in Canada has risen. At the time this article was […]

Compare Health Insurance Alberta Can Offer You

Many people consider the possibility of contracting medical insurance that protects their health and that of their family. One that […]

A Complete Guide to Supplemental Health Insurance in Edmonton, Alberta

Have you thought about what would happen in the case of a serious injury or accident recently? Are you financially […]

How Much Does Health Insurance in Alberta Cost?

Since many Canadians never see a bill for medical care, they may believe they are receiving care for free. Unfortunately, […]

How to Get Health Insurance in Alberta

Across the world, people have lots of positive things to say about Canada's health care system. Since there are so […]

Is Final Expense Insurance Worth It In Alberta? (The Answer: Yes!)

If you're like most Canadians, you've already thought about what your loved ones will do after you're gone. More than […]

How Can Alberta Visitors Get Private Health Insurance?

One of the best perks of living in Alberta and the whole of Canada is the health care system. However, […]

Do You Need More Insurance? Understanding Your Alberta Health Card Coverage

The average Canadian family pays about $12,000 per year when it comes to public health care. If you're a Canadian […]

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