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Posted on July 10, 2019

Many people consider the possibility of contracting medical insurance that protects their health and that of their family.

One that assures them the most comfortable, fast and effective health care.

In Canada, some of these services are covered by public health.

However, the masses, the waiting lists, as well as the lack of investment and maintenance of health centers and hospitals lead many to opt for private insurance

But, if you can access health services for free, why buy health insurance? Health insurance can prevent long waiting times amongst other benefits.

How do you compare the health insurances that Alberta can offer you?

The Canadian Health System

The Canadian health system is funded by the government and is based on four principles:

  1. It is accessible to all regardless of income,
  2. Offers complete services,
  3. Is of public management,
  4. and it has universal access to citizens and permanent residents.

The health system regulations are established by the federal government.

They are also administered by each province and territory, which have their own health plans to cover the needs of medical services.

In general, the costs of medical service is paid by monthly premiums and/or through income taxes.

Provincial and territorial governments are responsible for financing the public health and healthcare system.

Thus, each jurisdiction offers different services and free health care plans.

Depending on the province, dental and vision services may not be covered. But in many cases, employers insure their employees through private insurance companies.

Canada offers free public health care for all its citizens and permanent residents

Can You Enjoy the Free Health System Immediately After Getting The Permanent Residence?

Certain provinces establish a waiting period of three months after arrival so that new permanent residents have a right to the public health system.

During these 3 months, we strongly suggest buying temporary private health insurance.

In most Canadian provinces, permanent residents are covered from the first day. There are exceptions, for example:

  • Quebec Coverage begins on the first day of the third month
  • British Columbia Coverage begins on the first day of the third month
  • Manitoba Coverage begins on the first day of the third month
  • Ontario Coverage begins 3 months after arriving

Important tips

For periods that are not covered by the government, it is strongly recommended to take private insurance policy, since medical services can be very expensive. 

If your destination is Quebec or British Columbia, a strategy would be to arrive at the end of the month.

In that way, you will only have to buy insurance for two months.

Always carry your public or private health insurance card with you, in case of emergency. In addition, the government card counts as an identity document in Canada.

To access a health insurance policy you must reside in your province for at least 6 months. 

For women who plan to have a baby and will not be covered by the government, it is important to make sure that the insurance covers the pregnancy.

Private Health VS Public Health

The public health that Canadians enjoy today could be better.

Co-payments, reductions in staff, decrease in the services offered and increase in waiting times when an appointment is made with a doctor, and more if you need a specialist since accessing them can be a complicated task.

Therefore, private healthcare, which can be accessed through health insurance in Canada, is the solution if you want to have specialized health care in addition to other services without the need for long waits. 

What you need to know to Compare the Health Insurances that Alberta Can Offer You

The strengths of private healthcare in Alberta depends on the user since each confers more importance to some services than to others.

Among the advantages of having purchased health insurance in Alberta can be highlighted:

Speed and agility

The time you have to wait to be able to perform diagnostic tests and subsequently obtain results is an average of 8 days, while the same process in public health would take you more than 47.

Emergency services

The emergency services of the health insurances in Alberta allow access to specialized care without long periods in the waiting room for not being as overcrowded as public. 


Having one of the best Health insurances in Canada makes it possible for you to choose which hospital you want to be admitted and treated.

And not only do you benefit but in many cases, your companions can access benefits while you are hospitalized, compared to many public centers where more than 2 patients live in each room.

With private health insurance, you can have access to one room exclusively for you and thus be more comfortable and calm.

Primary and specialized assistance

Through health insurance you can access a large number of specialties and, in most cases, you can do so without having to go through your GD (General Doctor).

That way you can speed up the consultations and go to the doctor you want to. You will also be able to choose was center you attend should you need any treatment for your condition. 

In addition, these policies allow you to personally and at any time choose the doctor you want. You can decide which center to go to and which of its professionals will attend you.

Dental care

In Canada, not all provinces offer Dental Care in its public health system. 

Health insurance offers you a wide range of dental health care so that your mouth is healthy.

There are even dental procedures that can be purchased specifically or within health insurance which may include:

  • Free consultation,
  • Emergencies,
  • Cleaning,
  • X rays,
  • Periodontics, among other services.

Medical treatments

Private centers often offer innovative treatments and new health techniques to their users and even allow them to obtain a second medical opinion or receive specialized care abroad.

Public and private health

Having health insurance does not prevent you from having access to public health.

So if you want to go for treatment or hospitalization to a public health center you can do so.

That is to say, that the fact that you buy a policy of this type does not imply that you can not access the services offered by Social Security.

Centers throughout Alberta's Territory

Even if you purchase health insurance in your city, you can go to any ambulatory or hospital in the territory of Alberta, no matter where you are.

The choice of which center you are going to is made by you. 

You can determine it according to the speed at which you are attended, the information that is offered to you, the personal treatment you receive or the quality of its facilities.

Medical means

Another point that can lead you to take out health insurance is the training of its professionals, and the technology and means available in private centers.

Those are things which directly affect the quality of the services offered.

Things to consider if you don't have a Health Insurance in Canada 

The costs of any hospitalization or emergency could reach quite high sums.

For example:

  • A medical consultation is around $150;
  • Hospitalizations $800 per night,
  • A Surgery $3,000 and up,
  • Plus the costs of ultrasound, X-rays or any other additional service that would be added to the final amount.

For this reason, you need medical insurance.

Let's Choose the Best Health Insurance in Alberta

There are countless companies that offer private medical insurance. The important thing is that it covers all the needs that may arise. If you are a fan of sports and adventure, we recommend that you do not purchase too basic insurance.

Canada offers endless possibilities when practicing activities of this type; so, it is better to be prepared!

If you obtained your permanent residence recently, you may need to undergo a medical examination similar to the one you did before becoming a resident of Canada. 

This will help control people who may suffer from a non-active infectious disease.

You must also subscribe to health insurance like all Canadian citizens.

The goal of this system is to ensure that all residents of the country have access to medical care that is provided by doctors and hospitals. It allows anyone of any income to access the health care they need without worrying about the cost of hospital bills. 

Do you still need to compare health insurance in Alberta?

Click here to find everything else you need about health insurance policies in Alberta, Canada. 

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