Top 5 Best Places to Live in Alberta

Posted on July 22, 2021

Do you have plans to move to Alberta?

Alberta is a province located in western Canada. The area is rich in mountains, plains, prairies, and badlands. Besides having different landforms, it’s rich in oil and gases, too.

One of the reasons why you should consider moving to Alberta is the average income you can receive. The annual income ranges from $91,000 to $94,000.

If you plan on moving to Alberta, you're in the right place. Keep reading this guide to find out the best cities to live in Alberta.

Lacombe Alberta Welcome Landmark

1. Lacombe

One of the best cities to live in Alberta is Lacombe. It’s a city in Central Alberta where you can enjoy a long summer, snowy winter, and somewhat cloudy weather.

The city of Lacombe is the place in Canada where the first livestock breed developed, the Lacombe hog. Lacombe is rich in the agriculture industry along with its oil and gas production.

Besides having a rich agricultural heritage, Lacombe offers tourist spots you can visit. They have farms and museums you can tour. You can explore history in the Flat Iron Building and Lacombe Interpretive Centre.

Based on the 2016 statistics, the working class covers 63.67% of the population. Some minorities live in the city as well: Filipinos, Black, South Asian, and more.

Lacombe is home to about 14,000 people with an average household income of $91,299 in a year. The average price for a home in Lacombe is around $385,000.

There is no updated data for Lacombe’s status. However, comparing data from previous years, the unemployment rate ranges from 3.5% to 4.9%. The crime rate in Lacombe is 7% and still dropping, which makes it a safe place to move in.

Camrose Alberta Welcome Landmark

2. Camrose

Travelling from Lacombe going northeast in less than 2 hours is another city in Alberta.

Camrose is the perfect place for you if you love roses. It’s a city famous for its wild roses growing in its parklands. Jerry Twomey, a local rose grower, raised various roses in the area in honour of his birthplace.

The city experiences a long summer yet somewhat cloudy and frigid and dry winter. Fun activities you can do in Camrose are hiking, horseback riding, camping, and more. You can visit the art center or museums if you opt for a chill tour.

For the year 2020, Camrose has a population of 19,333, of which 61.71% are from the working class. Their average annual income ranges from $90,000 to $94,000. The average price for homes in Camrose is $383,308.

The unemployment rate in Camrose is 5.2% in 2019. For the crime rate, the city has 6,563 crime incidents in 2019 which is 40% higher than the national average.

Red Deer Alberta Welcome Landmark

3. Red Deer

Less than 2 hours away from Calgary, there is the city of Red Deer.

The city got its name from the river located in Red Deer. The name of the river is Waskasoo Seepee or Elk River. British traders mistook the translation, thinking elk pertains to the European red deer.

Folks in Red Deer experience a long summer, freezing dry winter, and a fair amount of cloud all year round. You can visit the Red Deer Museum, which stores the history of the city. You can go down the slope to Canyon Ski resort if you want some adrenaline.

The work sector in Red Deer is health care, construction, trade, manufacturing, and more. These industries build the economy of the city.

Red Deer’s statistics for this year are out, and as of 2021, about 100,418 people live in the city. The average household income for a standard family is $93,098, and homes costing $349,900.

The pandemic had a huge impact on the unemployment rate in Red Deer with 10.2%. The crime rate for the city of Red deer in 2019 is 7,829 per 100,000 people.

St Albert Alberta Welcome Landmark

4. St. Albert

The city of St. Albert became an official city in 1977. It has a rich artistic heritage and community. You can visit the Arden Theatre and Musee Heritage Museum to learn their history.

The average weather in St. Albert is like Lacombe and Camrose. It experiences long summers, and their winter is freezing and snowy.

The average age in St. Albert for the year 2018 was 41 years old. As of 2020, 69,335 people live in this city. The median price for the house this year is $484,931. The city of St. Albert is one of the safest places to live, with an 11% lower crime rate than the national average.

According to Statistics Canada, the average income in St. Albert is $123,659 for 2019, with a 4.2% unemployment rate.

Calgary downtown alberta

5. Calgary

Calgary is one of the top cities in Alberta. The skyscrapers prove how this has been developing. Some big companies have their headquarters located in the city of Calgary.

Besides that, Calgary is the center of the oil industry in Canada. The employment sectors are technology, manufacturing, financial services, agribusiness, and transportation and logistics.

Although modernized, the city of Calgary is famous for its Calgary Stampede. It’s a rodeo festival and exhibition held every year.

People who live in Calgary experience a warm summer and little snow in winter. You can enjoy your stay while visiting the Banff National Park and appreciate its view. There is the Calgary tower to enjoy dinner in a glass-floored revolving restaurant.

There are about 1,518,000 people who live in the city of Calgary, with an average household income of $140,919. For the price of the houses, the average cost is $441,600.

In 2019, the city of Calgary had a 7.6% unemployment rate. It skyrocketed to 14.4% in 2020 due to the pandemic. By 2021, the unemployment rate decreased to 8.7%.

The city had a crime rate of 6,825 per 100,000 people, which is 10% higher than the national average.

Discovering the Best Cities to Live in Alberta

These are the top 5 best cities to live in Alberta. Keep in mind the average household income and home prices. Choose what you think fits your budget and standard.

Want to learn more about moving to Canada? That's where we come in. You can contact us here if you have more questions about Alberta, Canada!

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