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The origin of Aviva can be traced to the establishment of the Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society back in 1696 in London. Aviva was formed by the merger of two British insurance companies, namely Norwich Union and CGU plc in 2000. Originally, it was known as CGNU but later renamed to Aviva in July 2002.

Aviva Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of the UK-based Aviva plc. The Canadian subsidiary provides insurance services to over 3 million customers and it has about 4,000 employees in 30 locations and 1,700 independent broker partners. Aviva’s root in Canada can be traced as back as the 19th century. Canada Accident Assurance Company, the first Canadian-based Aviva Heritage Company was incorporated in 1906. Aviva acquired RBC General Insurance Company for CAD$582 million on January 21, 2016. Furthermore, Aviva Canada was rated A+ by Standard and Poor’s and A by A.M. Best.

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What Does Aviva Group Benefit Cover?

With Aviva, group members can enjoy several valuable benefits and preferred rates. The group plan also covers a wide range of products and services such as home and auto insurance, as well as coverage for cottages, classic cars, motorcycles and so forth.

The group benefits include:

  • Halo Assistance: This offers group members access to qualified lawyers, health professionals, real estate experts, etc, for free advice.
  • Premiere Network: Aviva provides group members access to claims network of repair professionals to get repair jobs done right.
  • Aviva Auto Assist: This provides you a complementary access to a reliable network of auto experts to make it easy for you to own vehicles.

You can also enjoy other benefits such as combine and save, auto insurance, home insurance, claims service satisfaction guarantee, and so forth.

What are the Different Health Insurance Plans Offered by Aviva

Aviva provides several health insurance products and plans. The health packages are designed to offer prompt diagnosis and treatment; they put you in charge of your healthcare.  Aviva’s health products include the following:

  • Private health insurance
  • Cancer essentials
  • Physio essentials

News about Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada responded to the appeals made by the Canadian Red Cross and donated $50,000 for the tornado that occurred in Ottawa and Gatineau. It will also double match all the contributions made by its employees to a maximum of $250 for each employee. In addition, Aviva is offering a donation of $250,000 to the Red Cross owing to its appeal for support due to the fire outbreak in British Columbia. The province has recorded more than 2000 wildfires within the year and Aviva is committed to working with the Red Cross in order to address these extreme weather conditions.

Aviva CEO and President Colm Holmes expressed the company’s commitment to working with their customers in the devastated areas to get back their businesses and homes. The Canadian Red Cross is readily available to help victims of these extreme weather conditions.

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Aviva Canada FAQ

How do I make a claim?

If you are involved in a car accident or something happens to your home, you can call Aviva Canada’s claims experts on 1-866-692-8482. The claims experts will guide you through the step by step procedures of filing a claim.

How much auto insurance is enough for me?

The amount of auto insurance you opt for is entirely dependent on you. However, the minimum amount of auto coverage mandated by the provincial government is $500,000. You can opt for more if you want more coverage. If you damage someone’s property and the auto claim for the damage is as high as $700,000, you will be responsible for the remaining $200,000 if you opt for the provincial minimum.

How does Aviva calculate auto premiums?

Aviva considers several factors when calculating auto insurance premiums. These include

  1. Your deductibles and the coverage you need.
  2. The make, model and year of your car.
  3. How you use your vehicle.
  4. How far you drive each year.
  5. Your driving experience and the experience of other drivers included in your insurance policy.
  6. Where you live.
How do I reduce my deductible?

Aviva provides an option for you to reduce your deductible by 20% each year. To qualify for this, you have to maintain a claims-free file consecutively for five years and your deductibles will disappear. You can also contact Aviva’s skilled agents to get a customized solution that would work best for you at your comfort level.

How does Aviva calculate home insurance premiums?

Aviva factors many things about your home to determine your home insurance premiums. These include:

  1. Your location
  2. Your social security.
  3. The age of your home.
  4. The type of building you have.
  5. Your home construction type.
  6. The type of heating system installed in your home.
  7. How close your home is to a fire station or a fire hydrant.
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