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Posted on September 27, 2021
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Are you tired of insurance companies that don't quite give you what you need? We understand. It seems like no matter what type of coverage you get, there's always something left out.

This is especially true when it comes to certain types of coverage. In particular, small business insurance, investment property coverage, and personal insurance.

That is, until the creation of APOLLO insurance. Have you heard of them? Consider this article your complete guide to APOLLO insurance.

We hope that by the end of this article you'll see everything that APOLLO has to offer you. And, you'll be excited about the opportunity to become a client partner just like we at Insurdinary have.  Also, we look forward to being able to direct our clients to them for home, business and personal insurance.

The Start of APOLLO Insurance

APOLLO insurance is one of Canada's largest online insurance marketplaces. The company leverages state-of-the-art technology to allow customers to review, bind, and sign insurance documents in real-time.

Using this technology to provide customers with the very best in personal, business, and other coverages landed APOLLO the 2019 Digital Innovator of the Year Award from Business magazine.

Consider APOLLO the "new age" of insurance providers. They are taking a revolutionary approach to insurance coverage by combining modern technology, content marketing, and insurance capacity.

This allows APOLLO to offer one of the most complete packages of broker services available on the Canadian insurance marketplace.

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Company Details

Beginning in 2019, APOLLO is still a small operation with a team of 84 employees. But, management within the company feels this positions them uniquely to help meet their clients' needs. With small size comes speed and agility. 

APOLLO is able to constantly adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers. They can also adapt to the speed of the insurance market.

APOLLO is also doing everything they can to help their brokers give clients the best service possible. They equip their new, young brokers with all of the social media and automation tools necessary to make sure people know this level of coverage is available. This helps buyers to feel comfortable with the entire process of buying APOLLO insurance products.

Buyers looking for coverage can start their process with a simple online search. The tools APOLLO provides their brokers make sure that people see APOLLO insurance reviews and information.

This isn't done to be self-serving. APOLLO management and brokers feel they truly offer the best products available. As a result, they take great effort and make a great investment to make sure people know about them.

Their online broker platform is the first to offer multiple lines of insurance in one easy-to-use online platform. APOLLO is out on the leading edge of what's possible in the insurance industry.

Personal Insurance by APOLLO

If you visit the APOLLO website, you'll see two major types of insurance lines that the company offers. Their coverage is broken down into Business and Personal lines of insurance. These two categories serve as "umbrellas" for the many products the APOLLO team offers.

But, starting their website off with only a Business or Personal option makes it easier for potential clients to navigate their way to the exact coverage they need. Let's get into some more detail on what those coverage lines actually are.

Homeowner's Insurance

One of the most important expenses you have every month as a homeowner is your insurance premium. This monthly payment does more than just protect your house. It protects your home.

Any damage to the house itself, and all of the contents inside, will be protected under your homeowner's insurance policy. It also protects you if one of your friends or loved ones gets hurt on the property while visiting.

APOLLO offers homeowner's coverage that will also protect you in case damage to your home happens to damage other buildings. An example would be if a tree from your property falls, damaging both your house and a neighbour's.

You'll also be covered if an unexpected event, like fire or flood, makes your home unliveable. If this occurs, your policy would also cover any temporary living arrangements like a hotel or apartment.

The homeowner's coverage APOLLO offers is nothing short of comprehensive. Their limits go up to $1.2 million and they allow one rental unit per home. And, if you live in BC or Ontario, APOLLO will cover you if an earthquake occurs.

You'll also be covered for personal liability up to $3 million and you'll even receive compensation for damage caused by emergency entry into your home. APOLLO's homeowner's coverage will give you up to $20,000 to repair damages to your home from the fire department.

APOLLO also makes paying your premium easy. Clients can set up their accounts so their premium is withdrawn or charged to their credit card monthly. This gives APOLLO's clients great coverage without any hassle.

Renters' Insurance

If you're renting, your landlord will be responsible for maintaining the apartment building or house you live in. If the washer doesn't work, call the landlord. If the plumbing springs a leak, call the landlord.

But, what about coverage for all of your furniture and belongings? You still need to protect everything inside your rental unit. Don't worry, APOLLO has coverage for that too.

Many tenants wonder what the need for renters' insurance is. And, as a result, they end up not purchasing any coverage. This is a big mistake.

Your landlord's policy doesn't cover you or your personal belongings. Coverage from APOLLO gives you protection for all of your valuables. Things like jewelry, instruments, gaming consoles, etc. are all protected under APOLLO's renters' insurance.

This type of coverage will reimburse you in the event of fire or flood. It will even help you to replace your personal items in the event of a break-in.

Another area where renters' insurance can be useful is personal liability. Life can be hectic sometimes. APOLLO understands, and they know accidents happen.

That's why their renters' coverage will give you compensation for personal liability. If you forget to turn the water off and it runs down into another apartment, personal liability coverage will provide the money needed to do the repairs.

Without personal liability coverage, it could potentially become a very stressful and expensive situation. This coverage can also help if someone injures themselves in your apartment. The personal liability component of your APOLLO policy can provide lost wages to the injured.

Renters' policies are cost-effective too. For the price of a coffee or burger per day, you can have all of your valuables protected and get a good night's sleep.

Don't be "left in the cold" if something happens to your personal belongings and valuables. Engage with APOLLO now.

Condo Insurance

If you're living in your condo the coverage APOLLO offers is very similar to homeowner's insurance. People overlook this type of insurance because they think their condo isn't as exposed to damage as a regular house.

But, there are still potential disasters that can affect your condo. Your coverage will also cover the contents of your condo and provide liability coverage. The liability coverage is useful if an accident causes damage to another person's unit.

APOLLO's coverage offers up to $1 million for two contained condo suites. Your building also has to be a Registered Condominium Corporation to qualify.

If you're renting your condo to a tenant, it's a good idea to have them sign up for APOLLO's renters' coverage. If a pipe burst or there's a fire, your tenants will be covered.

Some landlords may not want to have the conversation about asking their tenants to get insurance. But, it's actually looking out for their best interest. If they choose to not get renters' coverage, they could lose their belongings with no way of replacing them.

Business Insurance by APOLLO

Now that you know some of the personal policies available to you through APOLLO, let's cover some of the business options. More and more people are starting their own businesses every day. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All business owners must have the right coverage in place to protect themselves. APOLLO offers coverage for a wide variety of industries from accountants to yoga instructors. They also offer coverage for chambers of commerce, concerts, and other live events.

Click here to see APOLLO's full business portfolio. Let's go over a few of their business coverage options below.

Accountants' Insurance

You might not know this, but accountants need insurance. You might be thinking "what type of insurance could an accountant possibly need"?

Accountants, and other professional service providers, need errors and omissions coverage. It's commonly referred to as "E&O coverage" or professional liability insurance. Insurance professionals need to have this coverage in place, as well.

Errors and omissions insurance covers professionals in the event of negligence claims or failure to perform their services. We can't stress the importance of this coverage enough if you are in the professional services business.

People may think that they're a good accountant, lawyer, or insurance broker. And they may be right. But, even if you're good at your job, that won't necessarily prevent someone from wanting to make a claim against you.

Accountants will also need to have general liability coverage. Although they're in the professional services industry, they still need to protect against possible injury on their office premises. This is what general liability coverage can do for them.

In addition to general and professional liability coverage, accountants also need contents coverage. This covers all of the physical things your business owns. This can include desks, chairs, computers, fax machines, etc.

It's better to be safe than sorry. Look to APOLLO to give you the coverage you need. For more on accountants' insurance needs, watch this quick YouTube video.

Chamber of Commerce Insurance

Chamber of Commerce board members can receive coverage through Directors and Officers insurance. This protects any board member or director who may be held personally liable for financial losses. It can also protect them against other risks like discrimination claims.

If for some reason, your Chamber of Commerce gets taken to court, Directors and Officers insurance will cover that, as well. The insurance company will even provide compensation for legal fees and court costs.

In addition to Directors and Officers insurance, Chambers of Commerce should also have general liability and contents coverage. We've already covered what these coverages can provide. It's smart for any business to protect against accidental injury and loss of physical assets.

Check out this link to learn more about proper Chamber of Commerce insurance coverage.

Yoga Instructor Coverage

Yoga instructors can benefit from three different types of coverage. The first is professional liability.

Believe it or not, instructing yoga students is considered a professional service. Clients that attend your class view you as a professional and are trusting you to get them into shape. 

If a client thinks you've failed to perform services for any reason, they may try to sue. It's important to be protected in case that happens.

In addition, a lot of studios won't even let you see clients in their facility unless you can prove you have professional liability coverage.

Instructors of yoga classes should also get general liability and contents coverage for their businesses. This helps to protect them against any injuries on-site, whether they're accidental or they occur during practice.

The contents coverage will also protect them in the event of a loss of any equipment.

In Conclusion - We Think APOLLO Is Pretty Great

It's no secret, we think APOLLO Insurance is a top-notch provider. The team at Insurdinary is beyond excited to bring them on as a partner.

Part of our job is knowing that we can't do it all alone. That's why it helps to lean on amazing partners in the insurance industry like APOLLO. We look forward to the cutting-edge products and services they'll be able to give our clients.

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