The Easiest Jobs to Get in Canada

Posted on May 5, 2021

Have you been looking for a job, but are worried that you don't qualify for any positions? Well, think again. Getting a job in Canada is not as hard as you may think!

Canada created 300,000 new jobs in March of 2021. With those numbers, you could land a job if you want to. Keep reading to learn more about some of the easiest jobs in Canada.


Sales Person Image

Being a sales representative is all about being a people person. You serve as the point of contact between the potential buyer and the business. As a sales representative, you are expected to do the following:

  • Sell products or services to potential customers
  • Keep positive relationships with both the business and the customers
  • Display appropriate people skills for the job

Your job is to sell as much as you can to produce revenue for the business. You'll have to reach out to potential customers, coordinate sales, and provide feedback to the business.

To get into sales, you need to have a few things on your resume:

  • Organizational skills
  • Experience working with people or teams
  • Negotiation and communication skills
  • Knowledge about the product

With these skills, you can land a sales rep position! If you are looking for no experience jobs, you may want to start here.


Bartender Image

COVID-19 drastically impacted the bartending industry. With bars and restaurants shutting down, many people found themselves without a job. The good news is that things will soon open up and the bartender industry will need more people.

Although you do not need prior experience to become a bartender, you may need to get a certification. The certification process differs by province and any establishment can also require a certification even though the law doesn't.

If you're looking to become a bartender, there are several ways to go about it:

  • Get a bartending license
  • Start at a restaurant bar
  • Learn mixology on your own

If you are not required to get a certification, you will still need to impress the employer with your skills. Learning mixology will help you achieve that. Not only is bartending one of the easiest jobs in Canada, but also one of the most fun.

Transit Police

Transit Police Image

Transit police in Canada are in charge of policing the transit system. As a transit police officer, you would strategize ways to keep customers on the transit system safe. You also ensure adequate police protection to reduce crime in hotspot areas.

If you want to become a transit officer in Canada, you will need to be trained first. You will receive field training and be provided a mentor to help coach you for your unique field of service. To become a police officer, a no experience job, you'll have to meet a few qualifications:

  • Minimum 19 years old
  • No criminal background
  • Grade 12 diploma or the equivalent
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Meet hearing and visual standards

Transit police salaries range from $73,000 to $115,000 . The range depends on rank.

Transit Driver

Transit Driver image

A transit driver in Canada is in charge of transporting people on busses, subways, or streetcars. As a transit driver, you would be in charge of the operation of the vehicle or train. If you choose to become a transit driver, you can choose between bus driver, streetcar operator, school bus driver, or subway train operator.

To become a transit driver, you will need the following:

  • Secondary degree
  • Class B, C, E, or F driver's license
  • Three months on-the-job training

Transit driver wages are paid by the hour and range from $14 to $36 depending on the territory and type of driver you become.


Landscaper Image

Landscapers plan the layout of gardens and environments to plant shrubs, trees, fences, decks, or any other landscape structures.

As a landscaper, you get to enjoy the freedom of being in the outdoors. It is important to note though that if you suffer from allergies, this may not be the best job for you.

Additionally, landscaping tends to be seasonal in Canada due to weather constraints during the winter months. If you are looking for part-time work, this could be beneficial. However, if you are looking for full-time work, it may be better to look for other jobs without experience.

If you choose to become a landscaper, it's important to know the wages. You will be paid hourly, anywhere ranging from $14  to $38 depending on the territory and your experience.


Receptionist Image

If you're organized and have great communication skills, you've found your next job that doesn't require a degree!

Receptionists work at offices, hospitals, doctor's offices, schools, and many other places that require someone to check-in or manage a phone system. As a receptionist, you would be expected to do the following:

  • Answer phone calls
  • Take messages
  • Greet people when they walk in
  • Schedule appointments
  • Maintain front desk duties

The best news about being a receptionist is that it is one of the easiest jobs in Canada to do, especially if you are caring and a people person. You only need to have a secondary degree.

You may be given training on the spot, but this is not always the case. If you would like training, or the job requires you to receive training, many online courses will train and certify you as a general receptionist.

Receptionists receive anywhere from $14 to $25 per hour on average. The highest paying receptionist jobs fall around a $55,000 salary.


Realtor Image

There is no one specific way to become a realtor. You will need to get a certification. Once you do that, you can follow the steps below to become a realtor:

  1. Begin your real estate certification.
  2. Join a brokerage agency.
  3. Apply for licensing and take the licensing exam.
  4. Get errors and omissions insurance.
  5. Complete an articling/professional practice.
  6. Get your first clients.

If you're looking for a course, there are many online courses to become a realtor. They range in price from $300 to $900.

Once you become a realtor, you'll definitely want to make sure you are using a bank that gives you the best interest rates and provides everything you need. As a realtor, you have the opportunity to rake in money. It is one of the easiest jobs that pays well in Canada. 


Shipper Image

Every company needs a shipper. Think about it. Without someone who is moving around products, there would be no sales production.

A shipper is in charge of shipping and moving supplies, materials, products, and any stock. As a shipper, you would need to do the following:

  • Determine the best method of shipment
  • Assemble containers and crates
  • Oversee loading and unloading
  • Inspect incoming shipments
  • Potentially operate a forklift

As a shipper, you can make up to $30 per hour or an average salary of $35,000.


Fire Fighters Image

If you're looking for a rewarding job, search no further than to become a firefighter in Canada. You'll help save lives and participate in a good deed everyday by going to work.

You either need a college degree or apprenticeship training to be a firefighter. You will make anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 per year.

If you choose to be a firefighter, you also need to be aware of the downsides:

  • You may witness death or feel the guilt of not being able to save someone
  • The possibility of smoke inhalation
  • You will have to deal with long shifts and hours on the job

Being a firefighter is one of the best no experience jobs to have since it is so rewarding. If you are looking to move to Canada, you can qualify to immigrate as a firefighter.

Construction Worker

Construction Worker Image

Construction workers are employed by construction companies to work on sites to perform labour activities. There are many different fields to work in as a construction worker. Depending on your field, you will have to perform the following duties:

  • Direct traffic near construction sites
  • Load and unload materials for construction
  • Assist in drilling, aligning pipes, removing rubble and rock, or demolishing buildings
  • Clean up chemical spills
  • Assist with heavy equipment 

Construction workers are in high demand right now, especially in Vancouver and Toronto where the cities are expanding exponentially. If you're looking to become a construction worker, you can expect to make around $50,000 per year.

To become a construction worker, you may need a traffic control certificate.  It is also important to note that although it is one of the easiest jobs in Canada to land, it is one of the most dangerous as well.

Truck Driver

Truck Drivers Image

A truck driver transports goods across provinces or the country. Truck drivers are employed by various industries like moving companies, manufacturing companies, or distribution companies. Some truck drivers are also self-employed.

To be a truck driver, you must:

  • Have a secondary degree
  • Obtain a special license depending on the type of truck you drive
  • Complete an accredited driving course that usually takes three months

Depending on the type of trucker you become, you will possibly need other certifications. For instance, if you handle dangerous chemicals, you will need to get a special certification for that.

Currently, truck drivers are in high demand in Canada. It is predicted that Canada will be short by over 20,000 truck drivers by 2023. If you are contemplating this job, now is the time to get in the industry.

On average, truck drives make anywhere from $15 to $30 an hour and make an annual salary of $50,000.


Recruiter Image

Recruiters work in human resources to advertise job openings in different industries. From these openings, they will recruit candidates and select whomever is the best fit for the job.

As a recruiter, you will:

  • Identify staff requirements
  • Advertise job openings
  • Evaluate potential candidates
  • Negotiate settlements of appeal
  • Advise managers on staffing policies

You will need to have interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as general business administration knowledge. 

To be a recruiter, you may need a college degree in a relevant field. However, some jobs will allow you to get a professional certification to be a licensed recruiter without a degree. As a recruiter, you can expect to make around $30 per hour on average.

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse Worker

You've made it to the very last job we discuss in this article. And lucky you, this is by far one of the easiest jobs in Canada. All you need is safety shoes.

As a warehouse worker, you will:

  • Load, unload, and move products
  • Operate machineries like conveyor belts and trucks or tractors
  • Assist in taking inventory of products
  • Pack products
  • Attach labels to goods
  • Pick orders and stock

Warehouse workers make $18 on average. There is never a shortage of warehouse work in Canada. This is a job that will always be easy to find if you need it!

Ready to Get One of the Easiest Jobs in Canada?

Hopefully, after reading this article and seeing all of the opportunities to land some of the easiest jobs in Canada, your stress levels have gone down. If you're not sure if one of these jobs is right for you, you could also consider taking up a hobby and getting paid for it.

If you do land one of these jobs, you'll also need to consider insurance plans. If the job you get has you covered, that's great! If not, we're always here to help you at Insurdinary. Get a quote today to set you on the right path toward success and happiness!

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