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Is Medical Insurance Tax Deductible in Canada?

Have you had a hard time getting care with Canada's public health plan? Consider getting private insurance. Now, you may […]

The Best Tax Return Software for Canadians

Did you know that the average Canadian household spends $35,000 in taxes annually?  On top of that amount, families may spend hundreds of dollars on […]

The Ultimate Tax Resource for Canadians

Tax season can be daunting and intimidating for so many of us. In fact, 1 in 3 Canadians dread tax […]

Is Physiotherapy Tax Deductible in Canada?

Canadians spent an estimated $265.5 billion on health care in 2019. That works out to more than $7,000 for each man, […]

Ontario Tax Sales: A Guide to Getting the Best Deal on a Property

The cost of buying property in Ontario is skyrocketing. In the last year alone, prices have gone up between 22 […]

A Step-by-Step Guide on Filing Taxes When Separate in Canada

Filing taxes is complicated and time-consuming enough for a single person with one salaried job. The act of getting a […]

Using an RRSP Withdrawal Tax Calculator to Determine Your Future Benefits

The best way to think of your RRSP is as savings for the future, when you retire. There are ways […]

The Charitable Donation Tax Credit Explained

Did you know that two-thirds of the people living in Canada donated to charity last year? Whether the donation was big […]

What Is the Average Tax Refund in Canada?

When you file your taxes, you may have a lot of questions. Perhaps you're wondering, what is the average tax […]

Does Being Married Affect Your Tax Rate in Canada?

Taxation and filing tax returns can be confusing. You might even find it dull. And then, just when you get […]

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