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What Is Canada Known For and What We Offer the World?

Everyone loves Canada. A September 2021 poll found that Justin Trudeau is the most popular foreign leader amongst American young […]

Tim Hortons - Canada’s National Treasure

I'll have a large double-double, a box of assorted Timbits, three dutchies, and an iced capp, please. Sorry, one more […]

What Are The Top 5 Tourist Places in Canada in Each Province?

Are you interested in discovering Canada's beautiful natural landscapes? The diversity of the geography in the Canadian provinces is astounding. […]

Top 5 Tourist Places in Yukon

Imagine waking up and opening your tent flap to see a crystal clear lake with a backdrop of snowcapped mountain […]

Top 5 Tourist Places in Ontario

Ontario is a thriving province in Canada. Tourism and cultural activities contributed more than $28 billion to the Canadian economy […]

Top 5 Tourist Places in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

Newfoundland and Labrador is a province that's known for its people and culture. The area is a hub for creativity […]

Top 5 Tourist Places in New Brunswick (NB)

New Brunswick is a beautiful province and is home to some pretty incredible attractions. You can enjoy the warmest saltwater […]

Top 5 Tourist Places in Manitoba

“This land may be profitable for those that are willing to adventure it,” Henry Hudson scribbled those words upon setting […]

Top 5 Tourist Places in Alberta

There is nothing like looking out of your car window and seeing the sweeping mountain landscapes that we know as […]

Top 5 Tourist Places in Prince Edward Island (PEI)

So, you've just landed in Prince Edward Island for a well-deserved vacation. The sand is red underfoot, the air smells […]

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