Insurance 101 Articles

7 Epic Movies of All Time About Insurance

Did you know that approximately 150,000 Canadians work in life and health insurance? For perspective, that's nearly triple the number of sworn […]

Greatest Insurance Scams of All Time

Every year, insurance claims are filed for a variety of reasons. Most of these are legitimate—but quite a few are […]

Superhero Insurance

There's no doubt that superheroes are extremely popular in today's society. Avenger's Endgame boasts Canada's biggest opening weekend ever, grossing […]

Top 10 Insurance Podcasts

66% of people today prefer to listen to podcasts over watching TV. Why would this be? For starters, you can […]

History of Insurance Across the Ages

Did you know that insurance dates back as far as 4000 BC? Since then, this system of negating risk has […]

Top 10 Insurance Books

If you're running an insurance company, you don't need some website to tell you how difficult how it can be. […]

How Do Insurance Companies Make Money?

Insurance companies make billions of dollars every single year. From collecting premiums to rejecting claims, insurance companies may not surprise you […]

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