Insurance 101 Articles

Claims Experience Letter - What Is It?

Are you searching for a new insurance policy? If you recently relocated to Canada, the law requires you to change […]

Indemnity Agreement and Insurance Explained

Everyone loves surprises. Right? Maybe. But no one enjoys dealing with an unexpected catastrophe. Disaster is never a good thing, but […]

The Future of The Insurance Industry

There's a famous quote, "the only constant in life is change." Basically, it means that the one thing we can […]

What Is The Speed of Change in Insurance Industry?

The world is moving fast and innovation is at its height in seemingly every area of business - and particularly […]

Data Analytics in Insurance

Data analytics is a complex field that many companies use to maximize profits and improve business practices. But what exactly […]

Songs About Insurance

The great composer Ludwig van Beethoven once said that "music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy", and […]

Why Do Insurance Deductibles Exist?

An essential aspect of any insurance policy: the deductible. Chances are you've heard the term, or even potentially had to […]

Cyber Security Impact on Insurance Industry

Are you aware that cybercrime increased 600 percent due to the COVID-19 pandemic? With so many people forced to work […]

What Are the World's Biggest Insurance Claims Ever Made?

The bread and butter of insurance as a public service is insurance claims. An insurance claim is when a client issues […]

The Insurance Industry's Talent Crisis (and How to Address It)

The insurance industry is at a crossroads - as are many industries. Sometimes it seems like there are too many […]

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