British Columbia Articles

What is a Health Insurance BC Plan and Why Do You Need It?

Did you know that, as a resident of British Columbia, you qualify for a provincial health insurance plan? Whether you're […]

What is the Best Health Insurance Contact in British Columbia?

In British Columbia, up to 20 percent of emergency department patients need hospitalization. These individuals are sick enough that they […]

A Vancouver Resident's Guide to Manulife Health Insurance

The average Canadian pays close to $6,000 each year in public health care costs. But if you're considering getting additional […]

MSP Coverage: Is It Enough Or Should You Purchase Additional Health Insurance?

Over 400,000 British Columbians sustain injuries every year. Of these, falls cause the most in terms of hospitalizations. There's also […]

British Columbia Dental Plans : A Guide to Finding the Best Dental Insurance in BC

Every year,  about 12,300 people end up in emergency rooms in British Columbia. Their dental issues may be non-traumatic, but are still […]

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