What Is Rocket Doctor?

Posted on September 9, 2021

When COVID-19 began spreading across the globe, millions of us suddenly found ourselves working remotely from home. Our children joined us, attending virtual classroom sessions and completing digital coursework.

With the help of grocery delivery services and online retailers, many of us no longer need to leave the safety and comfort of our homes. However, medical services can be more challenging to have delivered to your door.

Fortunately, there are several virtual clinics that you could utilize, including Rocket Doctor. Keep reading to learn more.

Who Is Eligible to Use Rocket Doctor?

People in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia are eligible to use Rocket Doctor. No matter your age or current condition, you can access healthcare services with the help of Rocket Doctor.

Even better, Rocket Doctor consultation services may be free. For example, Ontario residents covered by the OHIP plan don't pay anything to use Rocket Doctor!

Rocket Doctor also works with other provincial health care plans and providers (including AHCIP). They do this to offer low-cost or no-cost medical consultation services.

As such, Rocket Doctor might be one of the most convenient alternatives to in-person visits. Still, Rocket Doctor is not an appropriate choice for life-threatening medical emergencies. 

If you live in a rural area or are concerned about sudden health emergencies, you may want to invest in critical illness insurance

How Do I Register for Rocket Doctor?

To register for Rocket Doctor, you'll need to visit the Rocket Doctor website and select your home province. After that, you'll need to fill a digital form and provide some basic information, such as your name and phone number.

Typically, you'll receive a response to your appointment request within a few hours of submitting the form. After confirming your personal and health insurance information, you'll be paired with a physician.

Virtual doctor visits often occur on the same day as the appointment request. This ensures that users receive rapid medical treatment. It also provides immediate access to necessary prescription medications.

These consultations can occur on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or home computer. Still, it's a great idea to use a device that has a working, built-in camera. 

You don't need to download any video conferencing software or apps to access a Rocket Docket consultation. When it's time for you to attend your online call, you'll receive a link that leads to the secure video call platform.

What Are People Saying About Rocket Doctor?

One of the most common comments people make about Rocket Doctor is that it's easy to use. After requesting an appointment, you need only wait a short while for a phone call. Then, access the Rocket Doctor platform.

You'll receive a unique link to access your video call, so there's no need to try and download a Rocket Doctor app. Many people noted that the ability to upload images while on the video call was a helpful feature.

Another comment that many people make about this service is the clarity of the video call. Users had no trouble seeing and communicating with their consulting physician. 

Is Rocket Doctor Available Outside of Ontario?

You don't need to be an Ontario resident to enjoy Rocket Doctor's services. In fact, Rocket Doctor virtual appointments are available to those living in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. 

They also provide virtual consultations to residents of Nova Scotia and California. As the demand for telemedical services continues to increase, there's a good chance that Rocket Doctor will expand to other areas.

Are There Membership Fees?

There is no cost to sign up with Rocket Doctor. And in most cases, the appointment itself is entirely free. That's because Rocket Doctor works with several major insurance providers and plans.

If you currently don't have an extended healthcare plan, be sure to compare quotes online to choose one that works for your budget. But if you don't plan on signing up for a health insurance plan, you can still use Rocket Doctor.

Rocket Doctor could be an affordable alternative to in-person doctor's visits.

Rocket Doctor website

What Types of Services Does Rocket Doctor Provide?

Rocket Doctor primarily provides virtual care to those who live in rural areas or would prefer to avoid in-person doctors appointments and visits. They can also provide digital prescriptions for non-controlled substances.

Rocket Doctor has you covered if you need official documentation of your illness for an employer or educator. In addition, this service offers medical notes that you can use to verify your condition.

And if a physician needs lab tests to diagnose or confirm a suspected illness, Rocket Doctor can order those tests. However, this service doesn't offer specialized medical care. Instead, they focus on primary and family care.

It's also crucial to note that Rocket Doctor is primarily used for diagnostic purposes. Naturally, your virtual doctor will not be able to administer non-pharmaceutical treatments such as injections or surgeries.

Still, those with chronic conditions can benefit from using Rocket Doctor. Their online physicians can renew pre-existing prescriptions. This can save you the routine trip to your healthcare provider.

Healthcare on the Go With Rocket Doctor

An in-person doctor's appointment can take several hours, especially if you live in a rural area. Fortunately, you can schedule an online doctor visit and skip the waiting room experience.

Rocket Doctor is one of the trustworthiness telemedical services available throughout Canada and California. The costs for their services are often covered by provincial insurance plans, making them an affordable option.

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