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Product Overview

Businesses and associations need a robust insurance plan to protect themselves and their members. With an excellent insurance package such as the Canada Protection Plan’s Association Health and Dental insurance, small and medium-sized businesses and associations can obtain the requisite protection they need. The Association Health and Dental insurance plan offer a lot of mouthwatering benefits and interesting features. It can provide sufficient financial coverage in case of health and dental cases. Some other benefits provided in the plan include vision care, hospital coverage, dental care, prescription drug and many other.

Features and Benefits

One of the most important advantages of association or group insurance is that it may be faster than an individual plan. Association Health & Dental plan is a plan to use if you really want a fast and efficient plan that will cater for the need of each member of your association.

  • The health and dental insurance coverage feature eight plan options or choices.
  • The options available in Association Health and Dental insurance can be leveraged by small and medium sized organizations or businesses.
  • Several benefits are included in this plan. These include vision care, prescription drugs, dental care, hospital coverage and many others.
  • It may provide a more comprehensive coverage faster than an individual insurance plan would.
  • Association Health and Dental insurance, as well as every other health and dental insurance offered by Canada Protection Plan, are offered through Manulife.



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